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Raise the Bar

The ultimate fall cocktail primer
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Whether it’s cocktails for two or punch for a crowd, a well-made drink is something to toast in its own right.

Perfect the art of at-home drinks with the help of Crate and Barrel. From 3 unique cocktail syrups and infused cocktail ice cubes to crave-able canapés and a definitive list of tools of the trade, it's about time you build a better home bar.

Check out all of these tips and tricks you’ll need to elevate your cocktail game this summer, whether you're a mixology novice or ninja.


  • Port Punch

    Tawny port and bourbon play together nicely in a not-too-strong punch

  • Lime-Basil Cordial

    An herb-infused syrup brightens up gimlets and more

  • Pomegranate Syrup

    Make DIY grenadine like a pro bartender

  • Spiced Simple Syrup

    This cinnamon-spiked syrup adds serious warmth to dark spirits



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