Brendan McGinley

Fordham College At Rose Hill
Cooking, Comics, Comedy
  • Brendan is the author of The Man's Book of the BBQ for Hachette (Spruce-Octopus).
  • He knows a ludicrous amount of salting science for charcuterie, jerky, and BBQ dry rub.
  • But he's also mostly vegetarian (whaaaaaaat?) and will cook you a fine vegan meal using beans he grew himself.


Brendan has been writing about food (particularly BBQ) and drink for over a decade for numerous lifestyle sites, including AOL, MTV, Maxim, CBS, Cracked, and Thrillist. He's been fortunate enough to interview (and eat with) numerous luminaries of barbecue, including Michael & Myron Mixon, Chris Lilly, Meathead Goldwyn, and others. He's also known to ferment his own hot sauce and beer. He may have once won an office guac-off, but all the evidence vanished immediately.


He has a degree in English with a focus on Creative Writing, but the comedy and cooking skills he developed as impoverished freelance survival skills.
Stories By Brendan McGinley