Stephanie Maida

Brooklyn, NY
New York University
Food & Drink, Travel, Health & Wellness
  • Stephanie has had a decade-long career as a writer and editor covering bars, restaurants, society, and culture across New York City and beyond.
  • In addition to contributing to Tasting Table, she is the editorial director of Guest of a Guest.
  • She has also contributed to publications including Vice, ONE37pm, and Well + Good.


Stephanie is a writer, editor, and native New Yorker. She's a passionate foodie who has eaten her way across New York City and a number of European countries. Stephanie's finger has been on the pulse of NYC's dining and nightlife landscape since she was a student at NYU, and she's covered the space professionally as the editorial director of Guest of a Guest. Throughout her career, she's sipped Mezcal in the Oaxacan agave fields, attended a secret pop-up dinner party in Paris, and toured the vineyards of Napa. You can also find her work in Vice, ONE37pm, and Well+Good.


Stephanie earned her bachelor's degree in Journalism and English Literature at New York University
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