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Good Eggs

A breakfast to wake up for
Spice Kit
Behold: Spice Kit's egg sandwich

We think egg sandwiches are the undisputed champions of the grab-and-go breakfast genre. On biscuits, on bagels, on toasted bread: We like them all.

But we love Spice Kit's version ($2.50), which made its debut on the recently launched breakfast menu.

In this iteration, a plush, Chinese-style steamed bun is split and layered with a thick slice of Hobbs' bacon and a paper-thin, spicy egg omelet folded to fit.

The steamed bun is a must-order, but the other items on the limited breakfast menu are equally compelling. In a dish Spice Kit calls "Bacon and Eggs" ($3.95), a soft-cooked egg is joined by wedges of griddled, bacon-studded turnip cake (a Cantonese dim sum special made with daikon radish and rice flour).

That sous vide egg is a reminder that Spice Kit's three chefs, Will Pacio, Fred Tang and Ming Lee, are all fine-dining veterans with résumés that include the words "Keller" and "Ritz-Carlton."

An egg is also added to a bowl of rice porridge ($4.95), where its golden yolk oozes into the porridge's savory depths. Hidden are cubes of Chinese lap cheong sausage, slivers of toasted garlic and filaments of ginger--all to be discovered by a very happy diner.

Spice Kit, 405 Howard St. (at First St.); 415-882-4581 or spicekit.com

Spice Kit 405 Howard St. San Francisco CA 94105 415-882-4581
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