9 Plant-Based Mayo Brands, Ranked Worst To Best

Smooth, velvety mayo adds a touch of decadence to a plethora of recipes. It's a kitchen staple found in almost every refrigerator and serves as a condiment for sandwiches, a base for homemade dressings, and a secret ingredient in brownies and cakes. Classic mayonnaise achieves its signature creaminess with egg yolks, but eggless products rely on fat, like oil, and acid, like vinegar or lemon juice. Although vegan mayo seems inconspicuous, this condiment is incredibly polarizing. Some non-vegans prefer it to regular mayo (myself included), while some fans of the traditional spread scoff at the eggless alternative's zestier taste and runnier texture.

Before the existence of plant-based mayonnaise, vegans were fated to halfheartedly indulge in sad sandwiches and dull dressings. Today, as more individuals choose the plant-based path, numerous brands have heard the mayo-lover's call and offered their take on the beloved spread. As an enthusiast of plant-based cuisine and sandwiches, I've been a devoted consumer of vegan mayo alternatives long before they gained widespread popularity (no need to brag, I know). With a sandwich at the ready, I tested each of the dressings on this list and determined how each stacked up against popular traditional mayo brands. I took into account each mayo's texture, taste, and ability to act as a versatile condiment to decide which ones deserve a spot at the table and which can take a hike.

Some recommendations are based on first-hand impressions of promotional materials and products provided by the manufacturer/distributor/etc.

9. Thrive Market

For those not in the know, Thrive Market is a contemporary, subscription-based grocery retailer. Subscribers get access to a catalog of organic, health-conscious grocery items, from produce to dry goods, that are available for delivery nationwide. Its vegan and non-GMO selections include a plant-based mayo made with fava bean protein and avocado oil.

When I received Thrive Market's vegan mayonnaise, I was shocked to discover that it came in a squeezable bag with a spout and screw top. I assumed that, in order to package the mayo this way, it must be very watery. Unfortunately, my assumption was correct. Not only was this — dare I call it — "mayo" extremely runny, but the yellow-green color was as off-putting as you could imagine. To add to its unpleasant texture and color, Thrive Market's mayo is exceptionally sour. Some degree of tanginess is always expected in mayo, but this company took it too far. Its liquidy texture and bitter taste landed this product in the dead-last position on this list. If you ever have the misfortune of fumbling to squeeze this product onto a sandwich, be prepared for a stream of mayo-like goop to come gushing out, drowning your meal in a sour, pungent, and runny mess. This mayo could potentially act as a creamy addition to soups, but be prepared for a burst of vinegar flavor.

8. Bowl & Basket

Thanks to my local grocery store, I present Bowl & Basket's plant-based creamy condiment. Bowl & Basket is ShopRite's — a lower-Northeastern grocery store chain's — in-house brand. It offers a plethora of pre-made meal and ingredient options, from dressings and desserts to deli meats. Among its repertoire of pantry staples is this plant-based dressing and spread — perfect for all your veggie-based sandwich and flavorful vegan tuna salad needs.

Aesthetically, this mayo-imposter looks nearly identical to the real deal. The only giveaway is its bone-white color with no hint of yellow. It appears to have a pleasant, bouncy texture and will likely yield a mellow taste. But looks can be deceiving. Although this vegan spread was thick and far from liquid, nothing could save it from its incredibly slimy consistency. This factor alone sent it to the back of the ranking for the best plant-based mayo. Plus, its flavor was shockingly sweet, courtesy of added sugar. Spices like mustard or pepper could have saved it from its sugary downfall, but there were none to be found. Its aftertaste was noticeably artificial and lingered far longer than it should have.

7. Simple Truth

Simple Truth is a Kroger brand marketed towards customers looking for limited-ingredient foods that they can feel good about. The brand's vegan mayo is made with canola oil and pea protein, among other ingredients. I was unfamiliar with Simple Truth before trying its vegan mayo alternative, and while I'm not completely displeased with this product, I probably won't be flocking to Kroger to stock up on this plant-based mayo anytime soon.

Simple Truth's vegan mayo had a very noteworthy Jell-O-like consistency, rather than the thick, decadent, and rich mouthfeel I was looking for. It was extremely gelatinous, to the point that it congealed into unpleasant-looking globs before I even took it out of the jar. Its taste is neutral, with no saporous spices or acidic elements that boldly stand front and center. As a sandwich spread, this dressing is far too gooey, but its jelly-like texture and neutral taste could do wonders in a vegan version of potato salad or homemade creamy macaroni salad. If you use this product in a mayo-based salad, make sure to be generous with the seasonings. Otherwise, the mayo's flat taste will leave you with a sad salad unfit for any barbecue. Although Simple Truth's vegan mayo may deserve a spot in your fridge for specific recipes, its bland taste and gelatinous consistency mean it doesn't deserve to be at the top of this list.

6. Chosen Foods

Chosen Foods has made a name for itself in the avocado oil game. The brand claims to produce America's best avocado oil, a product that continues to grow in popularity as people look for better vegetable oil substitutes. Chosen Foods offers sauces, dressings, mayo, and spreads, all made with the mild-tasting golden oil. 

Mayonnaise usually doesn't come to mind when I think of flavorful foods. But Chosen Food's vegan mayo flips the script and offers a mayonnaise loaded with interesting flavors. Thanks to vinegar, spices, and the brand's avocado oil, this mayo adds creaminess and flavor to a basic sandwich or standard dressing that would otherwise rely only on added seasonings for any standout taste. Despite its bold citrusy flavor, I was surprised to find the product's list of ingredients devoid of lemon juice. Instead, vinegar gives it its tangy bite, with mustard flour and rosemary extract to help mellow and complement the sharp taste. 

If you're on the hunt for a versatile vegan mayo, Chosen Food's product may not be the best choice. But for select meals — like a vegan chickpea salad sandwich or a herby salad dressing — it could be a great choice. This mayo's zesty flavor will complement the other ingredients and add a burst of bright flavor. Although I appreciated this mayo's unique flavor, a more subtle and versatile taste could have earned it a more prominent spot in this ranking.

5. Good & Gather

Good & Gather's vegan spread surprised me in the best possible way. No offense to Target and its wide array of products — but I wasn't expecting much from a vegan mayo made by a company that manufactures everything from spice racks to car batteries. 

Good & Gather is Target's affordably priced, in-house grocery brand. Its vegan spread is made with canola oil, vinegar, mustard seed, and lemon juice. This plant-based mayonnaise offers an exceptionally thick texture akin to vanilla icing. But please — don't use it on your next birthday cake. 

This spread is well-suited for a plant-based topping for your veggie burger, wrap, or sandwich. Its heavy, fatty texture adds an indulgent touch to a veggie-based lunch on the go. The mayo's neutral and slightly sweet taste makes it an excellent candidate for use in baked goods, too. A dollop of this mayo in a batch of muffins adds moisture without compromising on taste. 

If you're looking for a spread with a forward vinegar or lemon flavor, you're better off choosing something else from this list, as Good & Gather's spread provides only a hint of lemony aftertaste. This mayo's thick and fatty taste and texture helped it climb toward the top, but the lack of umami flavor compared to Chosen Food's or Sir Kensington's plant-based mayos yielded no award.

4. Sir Kensington's

Condiment lovers far and wide know the Sir Kensington's brand. It supplies an array of staples, like mayo and mustard, and international concoctions, like Moroccan-inspired garlic sauce and Mexican chile lime crema sauce. It also offers a line of vegan condiments, including its classic vegan mayo, special sauce, and chipotle mayo. 

Sir Kensington's vegan mayo is made with aquafaba, a thickening agent crafted from whipped chickpea brine. Given that many mayo substitutes rely solely on oil and vinegar, I was eager to try a mayo infused with this elusive ingredient. I assumed that the aquafaba would create a fluffy consistency complete with the brand's iconic flavor-rich spice blends, and — just as I anticipated — Sir K's didn't disappoint.

Sir Kensington's vegan mayo is easily the most flavorful option on this list. It packs a wallop of umami thanks to salt, black pepper, rosemary, and mustard extract, which are perfectly balanced with lemon oil for an equally tangy and savory spread. Its consistency was thick but easily spreadable.

This mayonnaise would not do well as a secret ingredient in sweets due to its intense savoriness. Moreover, my only qualm with Sir K's vegan mayo is its oiliness. Lemon oil and sunflower oil convene for an oily taste that coats the palate — which is appealing to some and appalling to others. If the company ever revamps the recipe to include less oil, this product could easily earn the title of best plant-based mayo.

3. Hellmann's

Hellmann's — the undisputed king of mayonnaise — sells a plant-based rendition of this beloved condiment. The name Hellmann's has become synonymous with traditional mayo itself, much like how Band-Aid is synonymous with adhesive bandages. There's something to be said for a brand with this much pull, so naturally, I anticipated an exceptional eggless mayo. Hellmann's claims that its vegan mayo spread tastes just like the real deal, and I was pleased to discover that this bold claim is mostly accurate.

Flavor-wise, Hellmann's real mayo and the company's vegan version are almost identical. But, the vegan spread lacks the eggy aftertaste that makes Hellman's mayo so iconic. Moreover, Hellmann's traditional mayo is also known for its noticeably bouncy texture. While the vegan mayo isn't runny, I would be hard-pressed to refer to it as bouncy. It's incredibly smooth and luscious and not nearly as gelatinous as the real thing, which is likely preferable for some consumers.

The company absolutely nailed it when it comes to delivering a creamy, mouth-coating taste that pleases the palate with its overall mild flavor. This mellow dressing is the most versatile on this list, making it a great addition to baked goods or mashed potatoes to amp up the creamy factor without compromising on taste. A more unique flavor could have let this mayo square up against the mayo in this list's top spot, but Hellmann's is far too standard to compete with the more distinct products in this list.

2. NotMayo

NotCo is a Chilean company specializing in plant-based foods. The company offers vegan versions of milk, plant-based meats, and — of course — vegan mayonnaise. NotCo's NotMayo has gained notoriety in the United States in recent years, and I was excited to see what all the buzz is about. For starters, I appreciate that NotMayo comes in a no-mess squeeze bottle instead of the usual jar. I was able to effortlessly squeeze a generous helping onto a sandwich and immediately noticed its dense and velvety texture.

What surprised me the most about this vegan mayo is its distinctly eggy aroma and taste. Despite being entirely plant-based, this condiment has an unmistakable egg-like flavor and a slightly yellow color, unlike most vegan mayos, which are usually on the whiter side. The addition of brown sugar balances the umami taste for a not-too-sweet and not-too-savory condiment, earning it a high spot on this list. Its velvety-smooth texture spreads perfectly on sandwiches, and its slightly thick consistency could work wonders in a cold salad. NotMayo's unmistakable egg-like flavor will leave guests at your barbecue stunned that it's entirely vegan, but it takes more than similarities to the real thing to earn it the number one spot.

1. Vegenaise

Vegenaise secured the prestigious top spot on this ranking. Unsurprisingly, the pioneer in vegan mayonnaise is the best on the market. Vegenaise's untold story started in a California café in the 1970s when hippie culture was at its peak. The alternative ideology prompted many peace-loving Americans to forgo their meat and dairy and embrace animal-free eating habits. Naturally, a mayonnaise alternative was necessary, so the folks at Follow Your Heart Market and Café made it happen, and thus, the O.G. plant-based mayo was born.

Vegenaise doesn't try to replicate regular mayonnaise the way other options on this list do. It's incredibly creamy and indulgent; spreading it on a slice of sandwich bread is a sacred experience. Vegenaise's unique flavor is citrusy and aromatic, with hints of savory garlic and sweet apple. Follow Your Heart's signature product manages to be both flavorful and versatile, earning it the number one spot in this plant-based mayo roundup. 

My favorite aspect of this unique product is its ability to coat the palate and leave a fresh-tasting and slightly sweet aftertaste behind, adding a unique, subtle flavor to anything it's slathered on. Use it in sweet treats, cold salads, or — as I like to do — dip crackers directly in the jar. This delicious condiment has been a staple for vegans for decades, and I imagine it will continue to be the best name in plant-based mayonnaise for decades to come.


I'll confess that while I haven't been a lifelong vegan, I've dabbled in plant-based eating on and off over the years. During my vegan phases and amid my non-plant-based periods, I've always stocked my fridge with vegan mayonnaise. Something about its dense, creamy texture and extra-tangy taste just hits all the right notes to make my taste buds sing. 

I have tried and used some of the options on this list for years, while others were new to me. I delicately dissected the nuances of flavor and texture in each mayo, which were the prominent factors in determining the ranking. In addition to flavor and texture, I examined whether or not each mayo could be used for many different recipes or whether its flavor was too specific to be a versatile ingredient. Balancing acidic, salty, fatty, and sweet flavors is no small feat, but the brands that succeeded crafted a delectable product that elevates plant-based eating to a truly satisfying experience.