13 Mayonnaise Brands, Ranked Worst To Best

In the realm of dressings and sauces, mayonnaise dons the condiment crown. This glorious, goopy dressing is America's favorite for its versatility and ability to moisten up any dried-out desert of a dish. So whether you're looking to lubricate a dry sandwich, add a creamy texture to your soup, or make the perfect, crispy, and melty grilled cheese, mayo is there to make all your lunchtime dreams come true. There's a pretty good chance that there's at least one jar of mayonnaise in your fridge right now — but are you sure it's your favorite? And is it the right mayo for the task at hand?

This rich, creamy buddy that's been by your side through thick and thin to add pizzazz to your culinary creations comes in my forms, so we've taken the liberty to narrow down a plethora of options. With handy dandy cheese and crackers by our side, we indulged in a taste test of a variety of brands to save you the trouble. Taking taste into account, first and foremost, while also considering availability, price, and aesthetic appeal, this list determines which cream will rise to the top.

13. Mike's Amazing

If you've never heard of Mike's Amazing Real Mayonnaise — don't worry; you're not missing much. This brand is specific to the Northern New Jersey and Southern New York region (where this Tasting Table writer hails from). The packaging is eye-catching and whimsical enough to have caught our eye, so we figured Mike's deserved a shot at the crown. Unfortunately, this mayo just couldn't stand up to the more prominent brands on our list and landed itself in the dead last position.

If we could say one thing to Mike, we would ask him to lay off the acids. This condiment's combination of vinegar, lemon juice, and sugar creates a sugary, sweet, and sharp bite comparable to sour candy — not something you're looking for on a ham sandwich. The mayo's texture is watery and could use a little fluff. If the mayonnaise had a more substantial smack of garlic powder, the savory spice could potentially save it from its sugary downfall, but alas, there was none to be tasted. We love to shop small, so if Mike ever revamps the recipe, we'll be the first on the scene to give it another go.

12. Trader Joe's Organic

Trader Joe's — famous for its store brand items from frozen foods to beer to sauces — had us prepared to indulge in a delicious, creamy treat. As one of only two organic options on our list, we anticipated a superb taste, with rich egg yolk flavor and a hint of zesty spice — the perfect dressing for chicken or macaroni salad. But, as the biggest let-down on this list, we were in for anything but a decedent experience.

Despite no added sweeteners in this mayo's list of ingredients, the condiment was undeniably sweet, leaving an almost candy-like aftertaste lingering on our palettes. We suspect the organic white vinegar is the culprit behind the sugariness. Although organic is often the way to go when it comes to taste and nutrition, specific ingredient's organic varieties take on a different taste than their more heavily processed counterparts, replacing subtle flavors with more prominent ones. Organic vegetables, for example, taste brighter and more vibrant. But perhaps a more nuanced taste is required for a condiment whose duty is to blend in and complement the other flavors in a dish, not mask them. We'll offer Trader Joe's organic mayonnaise some points for texture, which was rich and creamy but also a little too dense — it could have been bouncier.

11. Kraft

As one of the largest food companies in the world, it's no surprise that the Kraft Heinz company produces an exceptionally popular mayo. Kraft Heinz is also the company responsible for Miracle Whip — the extremely polarizing almost-mayo product — and a world-renowned ketchup. But perhaps since Kraft and Heinz merged in 2015, the company has been putting all of its effort into retaining the ketchup's success and neglecting its mayonnaise.

If you have an aversion to any sort of flavor, then Kraft mayonnaise might be the best choice for you. But if you're like us and prefer a rich, creamy taste with a zest that isn't too pronounced but adds just the right amount of kick to an otherwise nondescript sandwich, then continue on your search, because Kraft isn't for you. This condiment lacks the signature butteriness and smooth mouthfeel that mayonnaise fans yearn for. Its texture resembles that of vegan mayo but without the added flavors that usually come with an egg-free condiment. Although it technically contains garlic and paprika, it's hardly noticeable. All told, this milquetoast mayo will serve in a pinch but won't hold up if you're aiming to create a truly epic meal.

10. Boar's Head

Boar's Head excels in crafting exceptional deli meats and cheeses comparable to the authentic taste of a small, local shop. However, when it comes to condiments, perhaps Boar's Head should focus on its expertise in artisanal meats and cheeses and leave the sauce-making to the true professionals.

Despite the brand's overall excellence, we were somewhat disappointed by Boar's Head Mayo, which lacked a distinctive flavor. We expected it to mirror the flavor profile of its meats, with a dense savoriness, perhaps with a hint of spices like garlic or chili powder. The mayo's most unique aspect is its texture — watery and slightly slimy. It carries a sharp, acidic bite, making it potentially overpowering in a mild turkey and American cheese sandwich. However, it could find its place in egg salad if the goal is to spruce it up with a more vibrant flavor. The acidity of this mayonnaise could potentially work in hot sauce to create a unique condiment or to add some tang and creaminess to a soup. Ironically, this brand's mayo has no place anywhere near its delicious deli meats.

9. Hellmann's Olive Oil

Leave it to Hellmann's to provide a wide variety of indulgent flavors of its iconic mayonnaise recipe, our personal favorite being Hellmann's Olive Oil Mayonnaise. Despite using a blend of oils, which includes olive, soybean, and canola oils, the buttery flavor of the olive oil shines through in this condiment. The addition of olive oil imparts a silky smoothness while maintaining Hellmann's signature fluffiness. Its aroma is far more enticing than that of traditional mayo, featuring vegetable notes that beckon you to enjoy it as a standalone dip.

Hellmann's olive oil mayonnaise's rich and nutty essence makes it an ideal enhancement for an Italian-style sub sandwich, where its fatty notes seamlessly cut through the saltiness of the meat. The subdued yet opulent taste rivals much pricier gourmet mayonnaises. Add it to dried-out leftover antipasto salad to rehydrate with an extra burst of olive flavor. While this olive oil mayo boasts a velvety texture and savory profile, it may not harmonize well with every dish. For a homemade Russian salad dressing or a grilled cheese sandwich, opt for a more neutral mayo, as the pronounced olive oil taste has the potential to overpower delicate flavors and compromise the essence of your culinary creation.

8. Blue Plate

Blue Plate surprised us during our taste test, considering it's one of the least expensive items on our list. This New Orleans-style mayo boasts a history dating back to 1927, and we can see why it was every Southerner's go-to dressing for their po'boys. If you're on the hunt for a no-fuss-and-frills, simple, easy-to-work-with mayo, then Blue Plate is your saving grace.

This versatile, creamy Southern delight is easily comparable to the classics despite not having as big of a brand name. Although the taste was mild and creamy, and everything a mayo should be, it left something to be desired texture-wise. This mayo is just a little too thick for our liking, with an offputting chunkiness that makes it visually unappealing. But if you find yourself with some Blue Plate and its obscene texture forces you to choose another mayo for your sandwich — use its chunky qualities to your advantage. This mayo will make an excellent spinach dip, for which thickness is vital, or use it to bind a casserole.

7. Vegenaise

Follow Your Heart's Vegenise might be as old as veganism itself. Alright — definitely not. But this product has been enriching the lives of vegans since the '70s, adding the perfect touch of creaminess to their otherwise cream-free lives. Nowadays, there's a vast variety of vegan mayos to choose from, but as the OG vegan mayo, we felt it would be insulting not to include it on our list.

Despite its recent competition with other vegan mayos, including Hellmans', Vegenaise stuck around thanks to its unparalleled taste and decadent texture. Although, like all vegan mayos, its lack of eggs omits any umami-rich flavor, this brand compensates with subtle spices that add a savoriness that rivals any other brand's vegan condiment options. This mayo has a superb, mellow flavor with a hint of sweetness from its unique ingredients, like brown rice syrup and apple cider vinegar, but its texture is why it earns the title of best vegan mayo. It's thin, creamy, and far from fluffy, making it the best additive for ultra-smooth macaroni salad. Use it as a substitute for milk in baked goods for the ultimate vegan switch-up. The taste is supreme on a sandwich, but its thin texture could turn your meal into a sloppy mess.

6. McCormick

McCormick mayonnaise is one the most popular mayonnaise brands in Mexico and also has a cult-like appreciation in the United States. When we tried McCormick's mayo, we were surprised to find that the lime flavor was more subdued than we initially imagined. The lime lingered on our palettes for a few seconds after our first bite, providing an exquisite crisp, citrus flavor to cut through the rich, fatty mayo.

It's widely understood that the combination of Mexican flavors and lime creates a magical union of zest and spice. Introduce creaminess into the mix, and you'll discover a seamless fusion of ingredients, resulting in the ideal zesty taste and aroma to tantalize and wake up a bored palate. McCormick mayonnaise with lime is the perfect accompaniment to a homemade spicy salsa on a burrito or taco. But perhaps the best use for this divine, distinctive dip is as an additive in guacamole. The lime flavor adds an elusive aftertaste, and the mayo will take your guac to new levels of decedent splendor.

5. Hellmann's

Good ol' Hellmann's — no mayo roundup would be complete without the addition of this classic favorite. But what makes Hellmann's so universally adored? Is it the brand's mellow, versatile flavor? It's iconic fluffy texture? Or is it its ultimate spreadability and appetite-inducing color? The answer, of course, is yes to all of that.

The Hellmann's brand, having been around for over a century, knows a thing or two about crafting the perfect creamy delight. Our favorite aspect of the icon mayo is its signature bouncy texture, although it can be too gelatinous in certain dishes. The thick, fluffy smoothness lingers on your palate, making a meal made with Hellmann's a velvety extravaganza. On the downside, Hellmann's is made with soybean oil — a generic, flavorless oil for mayo. If this condiment were produced with a more flavorful oil, like avocado oil, it would be the ultimate sandwich accompaniment. That being said, its nuanced taste, with no real charisma to speak of, makes it the best addition to a dish that calls for creaminess without added flavor. Hellmanns' bouncy texture might not be ideal for adding to soups, but it makes a great additive to other cooking endeavors. Use this fatty mayo for basting meats and seafood, ensuring they stay moist and flavorful.

4. Kewpie

Kewpie mayonnaise, a cherished choice embraced by both culinary experts and home cooks, boasts a unique flavor, color, and aroma, carving out a distinct niche in the realm of this beloved condiment. Crafted with simple ingredients and devoid of sugar, this mayo achieves an iconic umami-rich taste thanks to the addition of MSG, setting it apart from American mayo, which typically relies on salt and vinegar for its flavor profile.

Beyond its distinctive flavor, this Japanese mayonnaise delights with a buttery-smooth texture that complements its decadently piquant taste. The famous squishy squeeze bottle not only adds convenience but also invites creativity in decorative dressing designs (plus, it's just plain fun to squeeze). The smooth texture coats your mouth, making it taste delicious on fish and meats while preventing them from drying out. Still, for homemade salad dressings and sweet culinary confections, a more neutral mayonnaise works best. For those seeking an adventurous twist, consider blending Kewpie with spicy gochujang, creating an Asian-fusion condiment that harmonizes layers of spice and creaminess. This culinary concoction enhances your dishes and adds a touch of innovation to your kitchen repertoire.

3. 365 Organic

Whole Foods Market is well known throughout the nation for its low-cost, organic food options, ranging from sauces and dressing to canned items to freshly prepared, hot meals. Unsurprisingly, the brand's commitment to excellence extends to the mayonnaise. The recipe involves organic mustard, a feature that separates it from other mayos on our list, many of which include mustard powder as opposed to the real deal. The mustard gives the condiment an attractive yellow color that invites you to dip and drizzle to your heart's content. Like Kewpie, this mayo is rich with umami flavor, although not as pronounced as the famed Japanese mayo. Its texture is dense and lavish, with the ideal smooth-to-fluffy ratio.

The 365 mayonnaise makes the perfect addition to egg salad: The yolk-forward taste gives the dish a double dose of eggy goodness. Or, try roasting potatoes in a bath of this savory condiment to bring flavor and delightful crispiness to the vegetable for a simple side dish to bring to any dinner party or picnic. This mayonnaise is nearly devoid of tang, making it an excellent choice for those who shy away from vinegary, acidic flavors.

2. Sir Kensington's

Sir Kensington's condiments have gained nationwide acclaim for using natural, high-quality ingredients, and its mayonnaise is a shining example of this commitment. The taste is truly exceptional, featuring just the right balance of citrusy, lemony notes that add a perfect amount of flavor without tipping into excessive acidity, elevating this condiment from the mundane. The recipe involves lemon oil instead of the traditional lemon juice often found in mayonnaise, making it blend seamlessly for a balanced, harmonious flavor.

Unlike all of the other options on our list, Sir Kensington's mayo is made with sunflower oil, which provides a bright taste as opposed to the strictly neutral flavor imparted by soybean or canola oil, which most brands use. Perhaps the sunflower oil is responsible for this mayo's outstanding texture: dense but still smooth and creamy, making it the best dressing for any mayo-based salad. It's slightly fluffy without being gelatinous (looking at you, Hellman's). If we're being honest — we went in for a straight mayo-and-cracker dip time and time again when we tried this delicious product. The sunflower oil combined with the lemony flavor and phenomenal texture makes Sir Kensington's one of the best on our quest for optimal mayo (but not quite No. 1).

1. Duke's

The time has come to announce the cream of the mayonnaise crop, the luscious champion of condiments: Duke's mayonnaise is the best. In the obscure world of mayonnaise fandom, Duke's reigns supreme, with loyal fans of the product going as far as getting its logo tattooed on their bodies. But whether you're willing to get a mayo-themed tattoo or not, most lovers of the creamy condiment can agree that Duke's stands out as the most perfectly balanced mayo while still being versatile enough to use in nearly every culinary application.

Duke's has dominated the sauce scene below the Mason-Dixon line for nearly 100 years. As its famous slogan states, "Duke's has twang": Not tang, mind you. Twang is its own thing very unique to Duke's and to the southern United States. It's subtle but lingers long after you take a bite. The mayo is not quite vinegary and not quite lemony (there's no lemon juice in Duke's), but it's delightful tang, excuse us — twang — elevates it to a status above all other mayos out there. It's deeply rich and creamy, making it excellent at adding decadence to desserts. Adding a dollop of Duke's to a sandwich or canned tuna will automatically turn a bland, boring lunch into a sumptuous feast fit for a king (or a duke).


As a self-proclaimed aficionado of condiments and a passionate lover of mayonnaise, I recognize the importance of high-quality mayo. While some may view mayonnaise as optional, the brand you choose can significantly impact the outcome of your sandwich. I personally conducted taste tests for each product on this list.

My selection criteria included factors such as popularity and accessibility. It's worth noting that some choices are specific to the southern New York area, where I am currently located. Given New York's reputation for artisanal delis and craft deli meats, the locals, including myself, have a discerning taste for mayo. Each mayo was ranked meticulously, prioritizing the paramount factor — taste. Mayos with bland or sour profiles found themselves at the lower end of the ranking, while those with a buttery, creamy texture and a perfect balance of tang and flavor rose to the top. Beyond taste, popularity, and accessibility, I also considered price and aesthetic appeal in the ranking process. Mayos that didn't quite measure up to their price point and those with unappealing textures were placed towards the bottom of the list.