Canned Artichokes Are The Secret For Flavorful Vegan 'Tuna Salad'

Tuna salad is an easy-to-make, low-cost meal, but if you're a vegan or vegetarian, you might miss out on this classic dish — at least traditionally speaking. While tuna may be a no-go for some eaters, there are ways to make a vegan "tuna" salad by swapping the tuna for other foods with a similar texture that will break up and mix well with the other ingredients. A common replacement is chickpeas, but we've got a more flavorful option: Canned artichoke hearts, especially marinated varieties that take the flavor to the next level. Honestly, you probably won't miss the tuna at all.

Artichoke hearts are the flavorful, meaty center that you find in the center of an artichoke. They're most commonly bought in a can or jar, either in water or marinated in oil and seasonings. If you've ever had spinach artichoke dip, you've tasted artichoke hearts before, but we think they're just as tasty in a vegan "tuna" salad because of their soft, buttery texture.

Replacing tuna with canned artichokes

You can use a traditional tuna salad recipe and replace the tuna with artichoke hearts, and if you're vegan, you can use a vegan-friendly mayonnaise. We like to use celery, red onion, pickles or relish, mayonnaise, mustard (Dijon if you want a hint of spice), plus salt and pepper. When it comes to the artichoke hearts, you should rinse them first to get rid of any excess salt (unless you bought marinated artichoke hearts and want to keep the flavors) then dice them with celery and red onion. The hearts will break up as you mix everything together, so don't overdo it.

How should you serve this vegan version of tuna salad? You might not be able to resist digging into the bowl by the spoonful, but there are better options for serving. If you want a light option, you can make lettuce wraps. Crackers are a traditional option if you prefer a bit of crunch. And we think another delicious idea is to make a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and vegan cheese for a deluxe vegan tuna melt.