If Your Whiskey Sour Needs An Extra Zing, Just Add Grapefruit Juice

Dating back to at least 1862, the whiskey sour is a certified classic. Made of your choice of whiskey, simple syrup, and citrus juice, this drink creates a sweet-and-tart sensation with the subtlest hints of spice. While the "sour" part of this cocktail usually comes from lemon, a splash of grapefruit juice might make it even better (and more mouth-puckering). While it's not a drastic deviation, this zingy addition can still make a big difference in the taste of the tipple, giving the timeless drink a brand new spark of excitement.

Whiskey and grapefruit juice might sound like a novel pairing to some, but it works to great effect, as beautifully demonstrated by this whiskey and grapefruit juice cocktail. In the already-citrusy whiskey sour, a melody of sweet and tart notes in the grapefruit juice comes together over the lightly aromatic backdrop of the other ingredients, giving your drink a zesty, palate-awakening quality. Each sip welcomes you with the whiskey's smoky warmth, then pulls you in with an enticing sweetness and the fruit's vibrant and floral zing. 

The most unique part of the grapefruit addition is its signature bitterness, which adds a big dose of complexity. It's just enough to kick things up a notch and make the drinking experience much more captivating.

How to add grapefruit to your whiskey sour

Freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice is the best choice for any cocktail. For a whiskey sour, the amount you use varies between recipes and personal preferences, but generally speaking, 2 oz or less should be enough. If you can't taste it coming through, add a dash of grapefruit bitters for a more complex background that will make your cocktail unforgettable. And don't forget that lemon or lime juice is a whiskey sour essential that shouldn't be left out. Mixed with the grapefruit, these complementary fruits make for a stunning citrus medley.

To try it out, add the grapefruit juice and optional bitters to a cocktail shaker with the other ingredients, then shake and strain. If you also add some egg whites, you'll have an upgraded frothy whiskey sour recipe that's beautifully aromatic. Don't forget to sprinkle a bit of citrus zest on top of the foam to enhance the scent. With the grapefruit's aromatic oils hitting your nose, every sip will feel like a burst of sunshine.

To mix things up even more, try using more fruits to accompany your grapefruit whiskey sour. A great choice is pomegranate, with its compelling floral sweet-and-sourness. If it's more spice you seek, add some ginger syrup or a ginger garnish. On the same note, a grapefruit syrup is less perishable than fresh juice and also brings a strong taste, making it a great substitute in a pinch.