The Tip To Keep In Mind When Making Homemade Coffee Syrup

If you're a fan of coffee flavors, you've likely tried coffee syrup. This liquid is for true java aficionados who love the flavor of their morning cup of Joe so much that they want to add it to their gelato, custards, and milkshakes. It's true that you can go out and purchase a bottle at the grocery store — and if that's your preferred route, we've ranked 12 popular coffee syrup brands to help you decide. But if you want to make it at home, there is one crucial tip to keep in mind.

The whole point of coffee syrup is to infuse your treats with the flavor of java. So to make sure you squeeze the most value out of your condiment, use extra-strength coffee when making it. This doesn't have anything to do with the caffeine content of your java. Instead, you'll want to make sure its flavor is potent so that you get the most concentrated syrup possible. To achieve this, use a lower amount of water and a higher amount of grounds when brewing, and opt for dark roast over light. You can also try whipping up a concentrated cold brew, although you'll need to prep this about a day before you want to make your syrup.

Pair coffee syrup with rich flavors

Now that you've brewed your extra-strong coffee of choice, you can whip up syrup in a few simple steps. All you need is sugar. You can either bring the two ingredients to a boil on the stove, stirring until the sugar dissolves, or you can stir in your sugar right after your coffee is done brewing. It's also possible to make java syrup by boiling grounds with sugar and water, and then straining the resulting mixture, but this could dilute the flavor, so it's a better bet to stick to brewing your extra-strong coffee.

Once you've cooled your syrup, there are a myriad of delicious options waiting for you. Beyond the treats we mentioned, feel free to dump your new condiment on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, cake, and pie — and it would be particularly delicious with other rich, warming flavors like the ones in a tiramisu cheesecake, chocolate chip, and pumpkin streusel muffins, and a mocha marble cake. You could even spruce up a basic breakfast, such as oatmeal or a yogurt bowl, with a quick drizzle. And as long as you've started off with extra-strength coffee, that earthy java flavor will shine through.