Shopping Guide to Our Provençal Dinner Party

Where to buy plates, wooden boards and more
Put together this table spread with just a few clicks [Photos: Tasting Table]
Provence Dinner Party

You have all the recipes to throwing our Provençal dinner party. Now, here's how to outfit your dinner table:

For the Anchoïade: Circ Serving Board ($23) from Crate & Barrel

For the Bourride: Turk Heavy Steel Double Handle Pan, 12.5 inches ($89) from Kaufmann Mercantile; Aspen Low Bowl ($5) from Crate & Barrel; Dip Bowl ($3) from Crate & Barrel

For the Fig and Raspberry Galette: Rustic Oak Pie Slab ($46) from Pink Pianos for Provisions by Food52; Gold Rimmed Small Plates (two for $28) from Suite One Studio for Provisions by Food52

For the Pastis: Colour Glass Tumbler for Water+ Spirits, Low Yellow Gradient (four for $60) from Hay & Scholetn & Baijings' for A+R Plus

Tablecloth: Abode Tablecloth ($60) from Crate & Barrel

Salt bowl: Mini Taupe Bowl ($2) from Crate & Barrel


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