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In very recent years, Cleveland's public persona has shifted from that of luckless underdog to media darling. Though the natives have been restlessly touting its charms for eons, only now is word finally spreading about the city's vibrant, varied food-and-drinks scene. A fertile Cuyahoga Valley coupled with a robust network of farmers' markets provide enthusiastic chefs with all the inspiration they need to create brilliant dishes. Call it a Rust Belt Revival if you'd like, but to locals, it's just a time-tested truth.


Beef Cheek Pierogi

Lola Bistro

Eric Williams

Chef and owner of Momocho and El Carnicero

"I like the simple, old-school Cleveland joints like Prosperity Social Club, Sokolowski's and Happy Dog, but for something new, unique or special, I'll send folks to Butcher and the Brewer, Noodlecat or L'Albatros Brasserie."

Local Expert

Jonathon Sawyer

Chef and owner of Trentina, The Greenhouse Tavern and Noodlecat

"Fifteen years ago, Cleveland's culinary scene was a one-trick pony, with Mike Symon at the helm and pierogies as the tradition. Now I'd take the Pepsi Challenge against any other mid-major city in America, from Portland, Maine, to Nashville, Charleston and Portland, Oregon."

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