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Worth the Drive

These delicious destinations are the 6 best road trips to take this spring

Artists, celebrities and presidents flock to Martha’s Vineyard for the quintessential New England getaway. Located seven miles off the southern coast of Cape Cod, the Vineyard is less developed than the Cape and more cosmopolitan than neighboring island Nantucket: Picture an abundance of farms and fisheries set against windswept pastoral and ocean vistas. Springtime is when the island really comes back to life, with flowers in bloom and shops and restaurants reopening for the season. At just 100 square miles, the Vineyard is split between down-island and up-island towns—and it’s an easy drive and ferry ride from Massachusetts, New York or Rhode Island.


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Daniel Eddy

Chef at New York’s Rebelle, whose family has had a home in Martha’s Vineyard since the 1930s

“Martha’s Vineyard is a bit of a time capsule. There still are many things that operate as they may have many years ago that you don’t see off-island: People hitchhike, people barter, farm stands operate on honor system, and people still use landlines.”

Drive in Style

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