The Candy You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What's your favorite candy? We all have one. Whether you're headed to the movie theater or you're sorting through the kid's Halloween stash, there's always one you in particular that you have in mind. It can change, depending on the type of candy, too. There are candy bars, sour candies, gummy candies, chocolate candies, and the rising trend of Swedish candies — you name the category, and there's more than likely one variety of candy you like the best. But, just because it's your favorite doesn't mean it's the one you'd be. Especially if you're basing it off of your zodiac sign.

With all the varieties of candies there are out there, the odds are slim that your favorite candy lines up with the one you'd be based on your zodiac sign. But, just because it's not your zodiac sign's candy, that doesn't mean you can't eat it any more, nor do you have to stick strictly to the one that your sign is. Think of it like your daily horoscope — your associated candy can offer you some insight. But really, it's all mostly for fun. Keep reading to find out the variety of candy you might be.


Not only are Aries the first sign of the zodiac calendar, but they're also the very first of all the fire signs. Fittingly, the Aries is known for being bold. Like the rams that represent them, these signs jump fearlessly and spontaneously into new adventures. What motivates them, however, isn't self-fulfillment or material gains — it's notoriety. It's not a secret that Aries are competitive, and they won't settle for anything less than being the best. And, given this sign's reputation for being hotheaded, you won't want to be caught standing in their way.

Even though it might not have made the top of Tasting Table's ranking of classic Halloween candy, this sign's candy is one of the most popular out there, and it's just as spicy as these signs are. Knowing all of that, if the fiery Aries were any candy, it's clear that they'd be Hot Tamales. These chewy, cinnamon flavored red candies deliver a taste that's as intense as these signs can be once they set their mind on something. Each bite you take gives a burst of heat that will go straight to your head — as if these signs needed any more of that.


Tauruses are known for a number of things. They're calming, grounded, level-headed, and consistent — but most of that gets overshadowed by their stubbornness. It's true, these bulls can be hard to convince. But, what most people don't understand is that this sign's stubbornness goes hand in hand with all of the other characteristics that they're most loved for. The Taurus values stability, and by sticking to their routine they're able to handle all of their responsibilities. Most of their free time, in turn, is spent laying back, relaxing, and treating themselves. How else could they show up as the cool, calm and collected friends that we know them to be?

With that, the candy that the Taurus would be is one that plays a similar role in all of our lives. If you've ever seen a Snickers commercial, you know that they usually depict someone in a commonly experienced state of distress known as being "hangry." As the saying goes, "You're not you when you're hungry. Eat a Snickers." In just a bite, all is good and calm again. While the candy might be named after a racehorse, one could say that eating a Snickers is like getting a phone call from your Taurus friend — they just know all the things to say to bring you back down to Earth. That's why, if the Taurus were any candy, they could only be a Snickers bar.


Geminis might be the zodiac sign with the worst reputation. A lot of it can be tied to the fact that they're represented by twins, and are therefore said to have multiple personalities. The truth is, though, that these signs just like variety. While they might be curious people, they don't keep their attention on any one person or topic for long. As a result, these signs often have a long list of skills, side hustles, and social commitments that, for any one person, might not seem do-able — hence the need for a clone. But, given the Gemini's busy social calendars and diverse interests, you never really know what side of them you're going to get.

Considering this sign's double-sided nature and borderline immaturity, there's really only one candy that they could be, and that's Sour Patch Kids. Just like in this zodiac sign's Starbucks beverage, Sour Patch Kids are known for being sour and then sweet. Commercials show the kid candies causing trouble one moment and being cute the next. The only difference between them and the Gemini is that, at least with these candies, you know exactly what flavors to expect. Geminis are more of a guessing game, and you shouldn't depend on them sticking around for long. Just like these candies, they can be sour, sweet, and gone.


Cancers tend to put up a tough exterior — but, deep down, they're really very sensitive. It's only because they're so empathic that they feel the need to be so defensive. But, it's also why they're big homebodies, too. Like the crustaceans they are, these signs put a lot of thought into the places they call home because it's where they spend the most of their time. Not only are they safe from the dangers of outside world in there, but they have the ability to make it into their own cozy sanctuary. Come to think of it, coziness may as well be these signs' middle names, extending to the food they eat and the candy they'd be.

No sign appreciates a loving, home cooking like a Cancer does. These signs like their food like they like their homes: comfortable. That's why, if these signs were any candy in the candy aisle, they'd be one that's considered a comfort food in its own right, for the simple fact it's made from sweet, milk chocolate — but also because, even despite the theory behind its origins, this candy's very name is an act of love and care. That's right if the Cancer were any candy, they'd be Hershey's Kisses. Small, chocolatey, and rich, these chocolate candies are the perfect bit of comfort to soothe these moody signs in times of need or when they're simply craving something sweet.


Leos have a certain star quality to them, which makes sense, seeing as they're ruled by the sun. Confident, flamboyant, and fierce, these signs don't know what it means to be shy. In fact, they love being the center of attention — and they're no strangers to the spotlight or the tabloids. Leos are the signs most associated with fame, but, secretly, every Leo thinks they're a celebrity. So, if these signs were any candy, they'd be one that has just as much star power as they do. Thats why the Leo could be none other than the fruity, chewy candies that are bursting with it: Starbursts.

Leos tend to think that they're the center of the universe, and much of their enthusiasm can easily be seen as attention-seeking. This sign's candy, on the other hand, steals the show effortlessly. Everywhere except in Australia, that is. Regardless, every color — be it yellow, orange, red, or pink — shows up equally in every wrapper, even if some people might have a personal favorite they'd prefer to find more of. The individually wrapped fruit chews definitely require some down time between chewing and eventually swallowing, but they do provide a worthy distraction from whatever drama is happening around you. That alone should come in handy for the Leo.


No sign is more productive than the Virgo, and a lot of that can be handed down to the fact that they're so organized. These signs have a knack for breaking down jumbles of information so that it's clear and concise. In fact, anything that involves a list or step by step instructions is right up these signs' alleys — although they'll happily create their own if not provided. These signs are the friends who plan every detail, who go the extra mile to make the dinner reservation and coordinate everyone's calendars so that everything goes smoothly. Nothing is more satisfying to them than a color coordinated Google calendar, which is why this sign's candy is clear and concise.

Breaking things down into small, tangible pieces is the Virgo's forte. So, it's only right that this sign's candy be able to do the same. For that reason, just like this zodiac sign's Valentine's Day candy, they'd be the iconic Kit Kat — a candy bar designed to be snapped into clean and delicious pieces. Every Kit Kat comes with four chocolate covered wafers clearly marked for snapping. Biting directly into them just feels wrong. The sound of doing so is almost as satisfying as the crunch you hear when you chew, and is only matched by the rich taste of the chocolate complimented by the light and crispy wafers layered between. Virgos will get as much joy in snapping these candy bars by hand as they will eating them.


Libras are known for their aesthetic eye, and they tend to succeed in any role that relates to artistic curation. Much of that can be attributed to their love of symmetry — hence the scales that represent them. While they definitely appreciate beauty, Libras get an unfair reputation for being shallow. What most people don't know about them, however, is that their love for symmetry extends much deeper, showing up in every aspect in their lives — but in their relationships especially. No sign craves companionship like these signs do. These signs are at their best in a duo, with someone who balances them and their personalities out. Naturally, the candy they'd be feels the exact same way.

Seeing as Libra's are best in twos, the candy they are is one that brings together two flavors that simply wouldn't be the same without the other: peanut butter and chocolate. That's right, if you didn't already guess, the type of candy a Libra would be is the infamous Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Not only does this candy bring together two flavors that were simply meant for each other, but it does so in just the right amount — creating the perfect balance of flavors in each bite. The harder ridged chocolate edges balance out the soft, peanut butter fillings, creating that classic salty and sweet pairing none of us can get enough of. You simply can't go wrong with this classic combo, but Reese's did it in a way that's unmatched.


Scorpios have a reputation for being dark and mysterious. Still, these signs have a magnetism that makes them difficult to ignore — but they're not necessarily everyone's cup of tea. While they might not always show it, Scorpios have an intensity to them that means their emotions can range from one spectrum to another. Your impression of them, in turn, can very much change depending on whatever side of the bed they woke up in on that given day. Fittingly, these are all attributes they share with their designated candy.

If the Scorpio were any candy in the candy aisle, they'd be none other than Good & Plenty. Like the Scorpio, this candy is a bit of a polarizing topic in that it's made of black licorice — a flavor you either love, hate, or love to hate. Coated in a white and pink sugar coating, Good & Plenty candy has a nostalgic flavor, giving them the same allure of a Scorpio. But, just like them, you might be surprised at what you find within. The pungent flavor of the black licorice is equally as intense as these sign's emotions. Some people can handle it, and some people can't.


Represented by the archer, the Sagittarius is often considered to be the adventurer of the zodiac. In line with this sign's fiery nature, the Sagittarius takes a fearless approach to life and any unexpected changes that come along with it. While their wanderlust pulls them from one end of the world to the other, their adventurousness draws them off the beaten path, where they seek experiences that expand their understanding of the world. These signs are free spirits, resistant to rules, schedules, and any external expectations. But, what really drives these signs and their openness to change is a relentless optimism. Knowing that, it's only right that the candy they'd be is a Jolly Rancher.

Jolly Rancher — all you need to explain it is in the name. Not only are Sagittariuses adventurous and daring, but they're even more jolly. This sign maintains a positive outlook on life even in the most dire situations. That's because, being the adventurers they are, the Sagittarius believes every life experience is an opportunity for them to learn and grow. Good or bad, these signs find the silver lining in every situation. So while they might sometimes bite off more than they can chew, the important thing is that they learn from their mistakes. Fortunately, however, Jolly Ranchers don't require any of that. These bold, hard candies come in a combo of flavors are meant to be sucked and savored, then bit into — or melted in the microwave and made into cotton candy


As the workaholics of the zodiac, Capricorns have a reputation for being responsible rule followers who only care about one thing: success. Anything that doesn't directly contribute to the advancement towards their goals is simply a distraction in their eyes, and therefore won't be given the time of day. Represented by the sea goat — a mythical creature that's a cross between a goat and a fish — Capricorns have aptitude for climbing corporate structures. Only, it's not necessarily anyone's recognition or approval that they're after. It's simply the comfort their success provides.

Cancer's value the comfortable lifestyles that their success provides them. They aren't materialistic, per se, but they do crave the stability and freedom that success brings. In the candy world, there's really only one option that could represent that — and that's the Ring Pop. As the Kalimpong lollipop shows, lollipops can come in all shapes and sizes. But, the giant, diamond shaped Ring Pops come in as many colors and flavors as real diamonds do, too. The only difference being that these ones are edible.

Ring pops are the childhood equivalent to fine jewelry, which can hopefully inspire these signs to let go and enjoy the fruits of their labor every once and while. Seeing as these signs age backwards, that should get easier with time.


Aquariuses are unique, in short. Attempting to categorize or generalize these signs would go against their very nature. There's nothing that these signs value more than their individuality, and they aren't afraid to express it. Aquariuses are known for their out-there hair-dos, fashion senses, and opinions. While easy going and sociable, these signs prefer to be the black sheep. As the humanitarians of the zodiac, these signs simply won't compromise their morals or independence and they have no problem standing alone in any group. In many ways, the Aquarius tends to stay ahead of the curve and are often said to be the trendsetters of the zodiac. In other ways, they're nerds.

Nerd might be a harsh way to word it — especially considering that these signs represent some of the best sides of humanity. But given this sign's loner ways, funky styles, and their interests in sci-fi, technology, and the overall betterment of the world, they can come off as a bit dorky. That's why, if they were any candy, they'd be just that: Nerds. Nerds are small, crunchy candies that come in a rainbow of colors. They're sweet, tangy, and a bit chewy with an irregular shape that corresponds with the Aquarius's own irregularities. Just like the Aquarius, there really is no other candy like them — Super Bowl 2024 commercial reviews aside.


Pisces can be difficult to differentiate from other zodiac signs, simply because of the fact that they tend to adopt the personalities of whoever they're around — but that's only a sentiment to their ability to connect with just about anyone. What does make these signs unique, however, is much more internal. Like the fish that represent them, Pisces prefer to go with the flow. But, they're also known for their short attention spans, which is made apparent in the image of the two fish swimming in opposite directions. It's not that they're uninterested in what's happening in the world around them, they're simply equally interested in the world that exists inside of their own heads.

Pisces are daydreamers, and their time is often divided between their imaginations and the real world. While it does lend well to their creative pursuits, in which case they're able to bring their wide imaginations to life, it also means that they're easily distracted. Again, like a fish, these signs need to be completely engulfed in something in order to focus on it. All of this goes to say that the candy that this sign is would have to be a fish, too — a Swedish one, that is. That's why, if this zodiac sign were any candy in particular, they'd be the American version of the Swedish candy they are, also known as Swedish Fish. Not only are they shaped like fish, but they're also gummies, representing this sign's social and artistic permeability.