Claire Redden

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The University Of Illinois At Chicago
Life Stories, Environment, Travel
  • Claire began her career in Paris, where she worked as a journalist for Toute La Culture and wrote articles for English speakers discovering the city.
  • As an editor for Thalby, Claire crafted profile stories on food brand CEOs, restaurant owners, and chefs around the world that touched on food’s relationship to immigration, sustainability, and accessibility.
  • While interning for the first women and minority owned food media company, EatNom, Claire explored diverse food cultures and all of the parts of society they inspire.


After graduating from The University of Illinois at Chicago, Claire has followed an untraditional career path influenced by the impacts of the pandemic. Working as a freelance writer, Claire has had the opportunity to contribute to a number of digital and print publications on topics surrounding food, travel, culture, and lifestyle. Claire believes that the most fulfilling way to experience new cultures is through their cuisines. At Tasting Table, Claire applies her experience while contributing news articles on topics that reflect her hope for a more sustainable and accessible future.


Claire received her Bachelors of Communications from The University of Illinois at Chicago, where she started as a blogger and radio host at the university’s radio station, UIC Radio. After receiving an IBS Radio Award in 2016, Claire headed to Paris, France where she pursued journalism at Toute La Culture.
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