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The University Of Illinois At Chicago
Sustainable Foods, Vegan Recipes And Restaurants, Middle-Eastern And North African Cuisine
  • Claire is always in the kitchen experimenting with new ingredients and alternatives — but that doesn't mean you won't find a stash of vegan chicken nuggets in her freezer.
  • As a writer at Guerrero Media, Claire has amplified the voices of the food industry's most forward-thinking leaders, including Impossible Food CIO Kate Aydin.
  • With food being her preferred mode of cultural exploration, Claire writes articles that celebrate her North African roots.


After graduating from The University of Illinois at Chicago in 2020, Claire has forged a freelance writing career that is continuously evolving along with her. In her early work as a journalist for the French magazine Toute La Culture and her role editing digital travel guides at Thalby, Claire discovered the global impacts of the food industry — both positive and negative. Those experiences are what have shaped Claire's vision of food, which is reflected in her writing for Guerrero Media and Tasting Table today. The topics in her current work range from profiles on women building sustainable food technologies and improving the lives of farm workers to informative pieces on sustainable and culturally significant foods. Her resulting connection with social causes like the James Beard Foundation, and personal recognition from PETA, are what drive her to dive deeper into the personal and political impact food can have.


While pursuing her Bachelor of Communication at The University of Illinois at Chicago, Claire followed her curiosity for journalism as a blogger and radio host at UIC Radio. It was that experience that landed her an internship abroad, and while studying in Paris, Claire had the opportunity to intern for the French magazine Toute La Culture.
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