Give Cinnamon Rolls A Satisfying Crunch With Freeze-Dried Fruit

Just when you think sweet, gooey cinnamon rolls pulled fresh out of the oven can't get any more delicious, we have a new hack for you to try. While pearls of sugar can create a textural depth in baked recipes and pieces of cranberries can add flavorful bursts to fluffy rolls, freeze-dried fruit delivers the delicate flavors of your favorite fruits with the added appeal of an irresistible crunch. Inviting freeze-dried fruit to your next batch of cinnamon rolls brings not only satisfying flavor to your recipes, but the inclusion also offers an unbeatable snap to sugary morsels that will require significant restraint to stop eating. Plus, the colorful addition can spruce up more neutral presentations by providing a bit of visual brightness to a classic favorite. 

Whether you're rolling up dough you picked up from the store or have made cinnamon-flavored dough from scratch, you can tuck freeze-dried fruit pieces directly into strips of dough as you roll up cinnamon rolls to prepare for baking. After you've taken the golden cinnamon rolls out of the oven, you can quickly sprinkle an extra layer of freeze-dried fruit on top of the icing-coated baked goods just before serving. 

A fruit party to start the day

Pair your favorite freeze-dried fruits with fresh varieties of fruit for an extra boost of flavor, like incorporating both freeze-dried strawberries and freshly sliced strawberries into your cinnamon roll recipes. Once your mind is opened to garnishing cinnamon rolls with freeze-dried fruits, you may be adding flakes of toasted coconut flakes along with those pieces of freeze-dried pineapple you've used to top your golden cinnamon rolls. Mix and match fruits to create tropical-tasting experiences or draw inspiration from the fruits that are in season. 

Build upon your baked creations with simple strawberry compote or create textural parties of flavor by using a combination of freeze-dried, dried, and fresh fruit to top your cinnamon rolls. Use fresh berries to add a juicy compote-like filling to doughy cinnamon rolls then top the baked pieces with crumbles of freeze-dried berries. For an extra sweet finish, fold freeze-dried peaches into a 2-ingredient maple icing recipe or use slices of freeze-dried bananas as a crowning finish for Ceylon cinnamon-topped rolls. Whatever culinary approach you choose, freeze-dried fruit makes for a delicious inclusion you won't easily grow tired of.