The Decadent Bulgarian Caviar That You Can Actually Find At Costco

Costco isn't exactly known for being a fancy chain. In general, we're more likely to visit one of its warehouses to stock up on basics like peanut butter, bottled water, and value cuts of meat than to seek out specialty food items. And yet, you may be surprised at the gems that are hiding between big boxes of toilet paper and mac and cheese. If you're looking for a high-end ingredient to pair with sparkling wine or top off a date-night pasta dish, you can find decadent caviar at Costco.

The chain sells 8.8 ounces of Plaza Osetra Farmed Bulgarian Sturgeon Caviar for a casual $379.99 (aka $43.18 per ounce). One tin serves seven to 12 people, making it ideal for a (luxurious) dinner party — but if you do have leftovers, they'll last for up to two days in the fridge or on ice. These tins — distributed by Plaza de Caviar — contain salt-cured roe that varies from dark brown to black in color, and features a nutty flavor profile. In general, Bulgarian caviar is some of the best you can find, since along with Romania, the country boasts the EU's only viable populations of wild sturgeons. Plus, the eggs are lightly salted per the traditional Russian method (Malossol), and they come fresh out of the Black Sea.

Costco is secretly a caviar treasure trove

As luxurious as this caviar is, it's not the only one Costco offers — and it's not even the fanciest. You can also find a three-pack of 2 ounce white sturgeon tins for $199.99, which come from farmed fish in Northern California, and a three-pack of 2 ounce Siberian sturgeon containers (aka Baerii) for $249.99. The former features light, buttery notes, while the latter has a sweet and salty flavor. But if you really want to bring in the big guns, go for an 8.8-ounce tin of Plaza Golden Osetra Caviar, which sells for $549.99; or a 35.2 ounce version, which costs a whopping $1,999.99. If you're wondering what makes these cans so expensive, it has to do with the size of the tins and the uniqueness of the golden beads.

Costco is known for offering an excellent value on a plethora of items, and as pricey as these ones are, that reputation may hold true for its Bulgarian sturgeon caviar. It's not hard to find tins of this black type that sell for amounts like $85 or $138 per ounce, which make Costco's $43.18 per ounce seem like a steal. If you decide to take the plunge and purchase it, try a little on brioche toast with crème fraîche, à la Martha Stewart – or just eat it right off of your hand for a softer texture.