Martha Stewart Showed Off How She Serves 'A Kilo' Of Caviar

Martha Stewart has built an empire on the notion that "life is better when you share good things," per Martha Stewart Living. Historically, Stewart's demographic has been Boomer and Gen X women, but lately, according to The New York Times, she's been playing to a younger crowd. The publication reported in April 2022 that Stewart's video ads for the beauty brand Clé de Peau Beauté went viral on Instagram and TikTok, both of which attract large numbers of Millennials and Gen Z. Now, Stewart is leveraging that influence to ensure her young audience knows the proper way to enjoy caviar.

Thanks to improved farming practices that make caviar, once an aspirational delicacy, more widely accessible, the food has started to become more popular with the younger generation at bars and restaurants, often served by licking a small spoonful of the briny bubbles onto the back of one's hand, the way one might lick salt off of one's hand before downing a tequila shot. While this may seem novel for caviar, it's actually something of a throwback. Back in the early 19th century, before caviar was prized as it is today, bars offered caviar for free — like pretzels or peanuts, and patrons would scoop it out of bowls, per House of Caviar and Fine Foods. While the doyenne of luxe domesticity hasn't criticized the resurrection of this practice, Martha Stewart did take to Instagram to show off how she serves "a kilo" of caviar. 

Martha Stewart introduces caviar on toast points to a new generation

Licking caviar off the back of one's hand has a gloriously retro vibe; one that harkens back to caviar's humble origins as a surplus bar food. But is it the right way to enjoy caviar? While good caviar is perfect all by itself, those in Martha Stewart's generation have traditionally enjoyed it on toast points with various accouterments, including minced hard-cooked eggs and onions and a squeeze of lemon, per Marky's. However, Stewart bridged the generation gap on Instagram by showing fans how she likes to serve caviar.

Standing before what appears to be an actual kilo of Osetra caviar, Stewart takes a brioche toast point — toasted to "that nice caramel color," as she explains — and paints it with a dollop of crème fraîche. She then digs into the shiny black Osetra, placing a generous spoonful on top of the crème fraîche, narrating, "I like to put a lot on," and encouraging viewers to do the same. There's no sign of minced onions or hard-cooked eggs, and there's also no money shot of Stewart licking caviar off the back of her hand. Whether it catches on with Stewart's latest audience remains to be seen.