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What is Tasting Table's Editorial Policy?

Tasting Table's recommendations are selected by our editorial staff and trusted contributors. We don't rely on press releases or hearsay to determine what merits mention. We personally test every bar, restaurant and recipe we recommend, to ensure that we serve you only honest and objective content.

Most important, our taste is not for sale. Brands and establishments cannot pay to be recommended by Tasting Table. Our advertisers are featured in obvious positions on our website and emails, because we believe your trust is essential to our success.

If you're a business owner or publicist or just an ardent fan of a local establishment, you can suggest it to our editors via

What is Tasting Table's Restaurant Coverage Policy?

Before recommending a restaurant, new or old, a Tasting Table editor or contributor always visits the establishment at least once, but often several times. The editor or contributor typically dines unannounced and always pays for his or her own meal. If Tasting Table editors dine at a restaurant that we do not feel is worth recommending, we simply do not write about it.

What Is a Partner Tip/Advertorial Email?

Occasionally we'll send you a Partner Tip email from one of our advertisers. These advertorial features are clearly marked as such by the email's subject line and a note at the top of the article itself. The content of these Partner Tips is paid for by our sponsors, and does not reflect the opinions of the Tasting Table editorial staff. Hey, we've gotta eat too.

What Does the "Tested & Approved" Banner Mean?

Every recipe we publish has been carefully tested by our food editor in the Tasting Table Test Kitchen to ensure that each step of the process works smoothly—and that the final product tastes great. (It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it.) Keep an eye out for the "Tested & Approved" banner at the top right corner of recipe pages on

How do I manage my account?

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How do I manage my To-Dos list?

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