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Michael Solomonov

Zahav, Dizengoff and Federal Donuts, Philadelphia, PA
Photo: Michael Persico

Why he killed it in 2015: If you're a fan of the current Israeli food trend we're in the midst of (hello, hummus), you owe Solomonov a thank-you. The Israeli American chef has long been a champion of the cuisine. And though nothing beats a meal at his Philadelphia flagship Zahav, the release of his excellent cookbook by the same name this year has made his food (including seven hummus recipes) accessible to anyone with an Amazon account. Plus, he plans to open an outpost of his hummus restaurant, Dizengoff, in New York City's Chelsea Market early in 2016.

How would you describe your food? "At Zahav, we cook Israeli food."

What's your signature dish? "Lamb shoulder cooked in pomegranate juice with chickpeas."

What's your favorite underrated ingredient, and how do you cook it? "Cauliflower hearts, pickled with turmeric or spiced and roasted till almost burned."

What's been your biggest kitchen disaster? "Our wood-burning bread oven not staying lit on a Saturday at 5 p.m. It totally sucked and took 10 years off of my life."

Go-to hangover food? "I don't drink, but when I am emotionally hung over, it is dim sum."

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