Heather Lim

Photo of Heather Lim
California, United States
UC San Diego, Western Governors University
Recipe Tweaking, Illustration, Cafes & Coffee
  • Heather is a food-obsessed writer who experiments with cross-cultural cuisine.
  • She has written for the Triton, CATALYST, and a variety of food, health, and tech websites.
  • As a proud member of Yelp Elite, Heather is in search of a dish she can't recreate at home.


At 14, Heather became a published author with her poem about Los Angeles and God in an anthology. In college, she served as the Arts and Culture editor at the Triton, a student-run publication covering local music, visual art, and theater. Later, she worked in B2B blogging, mastering the craft of writing about food she has never tried, places she has never been, and people she has never met.


Heather earned a B.A. in Literatures in English at UC San Diego and an M.A. in Elementary Education at Western Governors University. Her undergraduate coursework was comprehensive and covered niche subjects that would eventually come up in party conversations.
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