Salt May Be The Reason Your Pancakes Lack Flavor

Whoever decided that we should simply pour cake batter onto a pan for breakfast deserves a gold medal. Stacked galore, it's the sweet component that balances the salty and savory parts of our plate. But sometimes, even with tons of sugar and eggs added to our batter, our pancakes end up tasting like a big stack of nothing. The biggest reason for this tasteless cake is usually because you're not adding enough salt or you've missed salt altogether.  

Unless you're avoiding salt for health reasons, the seasoning is used in most dishes from small amounts like a dash to a couple teaspoons depending on what you're cooking — and that includes sweeter desserts like pancakes. In this world, there are no sweets without a hint of salt since it acts acts as a flavor enhancer, making the other ingredients, such as flour, eggs, and milk, shine. It helps to amplify the sweetness of the batter, creating a fuller cake flavor.

Salt makes everything taste better

If you take a look at almost any cake, cookie, and even candy recipe, you'll find that they always call for a pinch of salt or even more. In the same vein, pancakes, muffins, and other baked goods need salt so that they're more balanced on the palate.

And if you're worried that your pancakes will turn out salty, this won't be the case since you're using such a small amount. Instead, the seasoning will bring out the richness of the dairy products in your pancake batter such as the flavors of the milk and savoriness of the butter. And if you find that you didn't add enough salt or maybe omitted it entirely, you can still salvage your pancakes after you've cooked them. 

To do this, just add a pat of salted butter on top and slather it in the layers, and let the rich savory fat melt into the cake. So the next time you make pancakes from scratch, be sure to spruce it up with just a pinch of salt and some of these special additions for a boost in flavor and texture.