The Smoother Starbucks Iced Coffee You Need To Try

Starbucks offers a great variety of iced coffee drinks, especially if you're a fan of black coffee. Their regular iced coffee is smooth and refreshing, and one of the more affordable options they carry. Then there's the even lighter cold brew, which is extracted without heat, meaning there's no acidity or bitterness. You can also order a nitro cold brew, which takes the regular cold brew and adds nitrogen for a frothy and even more weightless body. Both cold brews are incredibly easy to drink, leaving only the smokey essence of the coffee beans, without any strong flavor. Last but certainly not least is their iced caffè Americanos, which are espresso shots that have been poured over cold water and ice for a bolder and creamier black coffee. But one underrated drink that packs almost all of the best features of each drink is the Iced Blonde Caffè Americano.

For those who prefer the body of the espresso but the lightness of an iced coffee or cold brew, a Blonde Caffè Americano is a happy medium. Using Starbucks Blonde espresso roast beans, this version of the Americano has the smoothness and frothiness of a nitro cold brew and the deep body of a classic espresso drink. It's creamier and bolder than the Starbucks iced coffee, yet less bitter than regular espresso.

Blonde espresso is citrusy and light

What we love about the Iced Blonde Caffè Americano is the almost floral and fruity aroma of the espresso. When comparing the flavor of the Blonde Americano to the regular Americano, you'll find that the Blonde roast is sweeter, more mellow, and creamier. Starbucks espresso roast is a darker roast with a deep chocolate flavor, which makes it better for milk-based drinks or flavored beverages. However, for something like a simple iced black coffee, the Blonde espresso roast might be easier to sip on. Even coffee aficionados who love the bitter, roasted punch of a bold espresso can appreciate the acidity of an Iced Blonde Americano.

Blonde espresso roast is essentially coffee beans that have been lightly roasted. This means that it contains much more caffeine and natural acidity than the standard espresso roast. Blonde espresso contains around 85 mg of caffeine per shot, while the standard medium-dark roast espresso has 75 mg. Blonde espresso's floral and almost sweet flavor makes it a suitable base for a refreshing Iced Caffè Americano since it doesn't need any milk or syrups to counteract any bitterness. Of course, the choice between the two types of iced Americanos is purely up to personal preference, but we recommend that you try the Blonde version for a brighter creamy espresso that has the smoothness of cold brew. This might be your next favorite iced coffee order at Starbucks, especially during the warmer months.