Cold Stone Debuts Cotton Candy Ice Cream In Honor Of The Barbie Movie

It's no secret that certain segments of the public may be excitedly waiting in anticipation of the Barbie movie by Greta Gerwig that's coming out on July 21. Some may have played with Barbie dolls as a child or are just now getting into Barbie as a symbol of everything fabulous. But they might night have heard about Cold Stone Creamery's new ice cream. All That Glitters is Pink is a cotton candy-flavored ice cream with crushed-up graham cracker pie crust and whipped cream. The treat is a light pink reminiscent of almost everything Barbie owns. It almost looks like those frosted Circus Animal crackers that come in pink and white, speckled with rainbow-colored sprinkles. You'll feel like a Barbie inside-out when you have a taste of this fun new flavor.

Cotton candy as a flavor base may sound like an interesting choice, but we think that this was intentional with the popular ice cream chain's collab with Warner Bros. and Mattel. If you were in love with all things Barbie growing up, chances are that you've heard of Barbie-themed flavored lip gloss, hair detangler, and other trinkets of the Barbie world. Many of these products had a candy flavor or scent, making Cold Stone Creamery's cotton candy ice cream a fitting addition. In addition to the ice cream, the company debuted the so-called Best Cake Ever!, which combines cotton candy ice cream, yellow cake, and sprinkles.

How does All That Glitters is Pink taste?

Does this pink frozen dessert live up to its name by inspiring glittery reactions? Reviewer Tami Dunn said that the cotton candy ice cream base isn't too strong or artificial-tasting. According to YouTuber The Southern Snack, it's not too sweet either, so it may not overwhelm people's taste buds with a syrupy sugar bomb. The crunchy graham crackers are a welcomed addition to this frenzy which adds both texture and depth of flavor to the fabulous creation. If it looks like Circus Animal crackers, it may taste close to that nostalgic snack, according to a TikToker. Some sprinkle bits might be hard on the teeth and were likened to jawbreakers.

Cold Stone isn't the only company that has embraced the Barbie spirit. Pinkberry, a smaller competitor, also released a Barbie-inspired treat for the summer: Barbie Land Berry Pink, which is a strawberry and dragon fruit frozen yogurt with glitter and sprinkles. Pinkberry isn't as widely accessible as Cold Stone Creamery, but some consumers may be able to try both frozen desserts.