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The 9 food and drink apps you should download today

Even the best food could use a dash of ones and zeros. Geek out with us as we explore the intersection of food and technology this month.

You can do a whole lot more with your phone than just ordering Thai takeout. Find out where Gigi Hadid ate dinner last night, get ribs delivered from Memphis and become a whiskey expert—all from the six-inch computer in your left hand. Swipe, tap and click your way through nine of our favorite food- and drink-related apps.

1 Kitchenbowl

Connect through Facebook to follow your friends and keep up on their latest recipes. Then upload recipes to share right back—your mom's classic meat loaf can become everyone's classic meat loaf. Its best feature is the step-by-step photos and videos, making even tough recipes a breeze. Store favorites in collections, Pinterest-style, and explore the tags for simple searching.

2 Wine 'n Dine

Think of it like Instagram, but exclusively for specific food dishes. Follow all your friends—plus celebrities like supermodel Gigi Hadid and Food Network star Eden Grinshpan—to see where (and what) they've been eating, or search by specific restaurants. Then save posts to your "wanna try" tab, so you know what to order as you're busy going through your restaurant hit list. Fair warning: This is a dangerous, glorious rabbit hole of food photos.

3 One Drop

There are tons of apps out there telling you what to eat, but for the millions of Americans with diabetes, that matters little without knowing info like your glucose level. Founder Jeff Dachis himself has type 1 LADA, so he created the app for diabetics to log food intake and use data-science insights to help learn from food choices and blood sugar patterns. The app even links up to Apple Health, so everything you need is in one convenient, user-friendly place.

4 Distiller

If you've ever walked into a liquor store and felt overwhelmed by all the choices, this is your pocket-size saving grace. The original app was just for whiskey recs, but the recently released 2.0 version now acts as your cheat sheet to all types of rum, tequila, mescal and brandy. Save your favorite bottles for future reference or make a wish list to share with friends as a not-so-subtle gift suggestion.

5 Modern Classics of the Cocktail Renaissance

No one can deny the presence of the classic cocktail rejuvenation. New York Times drinks writer Robert Simonson's app tells you how to make 23 cocktails he's identified as "bona-fide modern classics," plus 51 original cocktails that also flirt with becoming "classic" as well. Verified recipes and helpful search tools—like what you can make based on the ingredients in your home bar, mixing method and more—will help turn you into a certified drinkmaster; BYO bartender vest.

6 DINE by Tasting Table

Extensive coverage in nine cities nationwide, with more to come. Curated restaurant lists from top chefs and local tastemakers. Menus, reviews, maps and more all within the app. We think there's a lot to love—not that we're biased or anything.

7 Goldbely

Now you can chase Memphis-style ribs from Central BBQ with a classic New York black-and-white cookie without figuring out how to be in two places at once. Goldbely lets you surf through the best of America's regional delights, like a Pittsburgh Primanti Bros. hoagie or a Philly cheesesteak from Jim's, and order them straight to your doorstep. It's also useful for choosing gifts for your food-loving friends.

8 Postmates

You wanted to go out to eat tonight, but it's cold, or your friend bailed, or you're just plain old lazy. But don't feel bad about it. Use Postmates to order delivery from all your favorite restaurants in your city, then live-track your order with the obsession you usually reserve for scouting an Uber driver.

9 Push for Pizza

Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. The number of options depends on your location (and how many so-called "pizza partners" there are nearby), but it's worth it to have on hand should a pizza moment arrive. Start with a cheesy blank slate and watch as selected toppings pop onto your pie like a pizza Picasso. That's almost half the fun—the rest comes as you simply pay within the app and kick back while your creation gets delivered.


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