Give Your Morning Coffee A Decadent Upgrade With Nutella

Peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, bacon and eggs — some foods just go together. And if you are looking for coffee's special pairing, look no further than your jar of Nutella. This chocolatey, Italian, go-to hazelnut spread may taste good on your toast, but it will also transform your freshly brewed coffee into a sweet treat that will make you love mornings a little bit more. Simply add a spoonful or two to your cup of hot joe and give it a few swirls for a couple of minutes so that it mixes and dissolves. The taste will become sweet, nutty, and chocolatey (though American and European Nutella jars do differ slightly in flavor). 

If you like your morning brew in the form of a hot or iced latte, no problem. You can add some Nutella to this drink just as you would your regular cup of coffee. Just scoop some Nutella into your cup, add some hot coffee or espresso, and stir until it is velvety smooth. Then, add your warm frothy or cold milk and you're in business. What you will love about this addition is how your everyday latte suddenly straddles the world of a creamy mocha and a nutty dessert coffee. 

Whip it good

If you like to drink your coffee chilled, Nutella can add its magic to iced drinks as well. Make your hot coffee as you normally would, add the Nutella, and pour it into a heat-safe glass filled with ice and milk. If you want a whipped coffee, take out your milk frother and whip together instant coffee and sugar with hot water. In a glass of warmed milk, add some Nutella and stir until it's all blended together. Add ice to your whipped coffee and pour the milk and Nutella mixture over it for a drink that borders on being a frappé. 

Feeling like you want something more in line with a dessert? Take all the ingredients for a Nutella whipped coffee and place them into a blender to give them a milkshake-like quality. If you don't have a jar of this sweet spread in your pantry and are getting a coffee from a coffee shop, you can try ordering these additions to replicate the taste of Nutella in your Starbucks drink: mocha and hazelnut syrup. The combination will give you that Nutella flavor, though you will have to forgo the creamy taste.