The Super Easy Additions To Replicate Nutella In Your Starbucks Drinks

Starbucks has revolutionized the coffee industry by promoting the concept of special orders; Baristas are at every customer's beck-and-call, enthusiastically ready to personalize any drink with flavored syrups, different kinds of milk, coffees, and teas, no matter how extravagant. Customers can even create coffee drinks that taste like their favorite desserts, including the tasty chocolate and hazelnut spread known as Nutella.

The obvious application for Nutella flavoring is the milkshake-like Frappuccino, which is one of Starbucks' many secret menu items. However, you can also create a Nutella-flavored coffee, espresso, or hot chocolate. If you're a fan of this decadent chocolate hazelnut spread, you can replicate its rich flavor profile with a simple customized order. A combination of hazelnut, mocha, and chocolate syrups will produce that intense flavor palate you seek. Meanwhile, milk, foam, or whipped cream will help give your drink a creamy mouthfeel, and garnishes like chocolate curls and caramel drizzles will enhance the texture of any Starbucks Nutella drink. 

How to add Nutella flavors to your Starbucks order

You can imbue any drink with the flavors of Nutella, whether you want hot chocolate, espresso, or drip coffee. However, the additions you make depend on the drink you order. Whether it's a coffee drink or not, milk is an important ingredient that counters the richness of your syrup pumps with creaminess.

If you want a Nutella hot chocolate, you would add hazelnut and mocha syrups, and top it all off with whipped cream and chocolate curls. If you'd rather have a Nutella coffee drink, start with a Caffè Misto, a blend of regular drip coffee and milk, and add equal parts mocha and hazelnut syrup. You can also add a similar mocha and hazelnut syrup blend to espresso drinks like a latte or a cappuccino.

And if you're looking for a low-fat or low-calorie drink, you can achieve Nutella flavor by adding a splash of cream and a blend of sugar-free mocha and hazelnut syrups to a nitro cold brew, a creamier upgrade from a standard cold brew that doesn't require extra milk.