If Your Sandwiches Are Missing Something, Try Adding Pickled Onions

Sandwiches hardly need an introduction. This ubiquitous classic is an irreplaceable part of the daily routine for many, whether it's breakfast, lunch, a midday snack, or even dinner. With such frequent appearances, it's no surprise that over time, it may start to get lackluster. Luckily, you're always just one or two ingredients away from a brand new, more exciting sandwich, and they may be much simpler than you think. How about adding some pickled onions for a change?

Onion in sandwiches is nothing new, but pickled ones might be a slightly different story. The usual peppery, sweet taste is deepened to an exquisite intensity. It's layered with an acidic undertone that helps it stand out in an array of different ingredients. This makes it the perfect bridge between the rich cheese, earthy veggies, and savory meat, tying everything together in a neatly sweet, tangy flavor twist.

The flavor enhancement is not where the magic stops, either. A crispy delight through and through, pickled onion is a joy to bite into amongst all the soft, tender ingredients. You'll adore the way the flavor bursts afterward, as well. It's a subtle change, but a great one nonetheless.

Pickled pairings

Pickling onions requires a few standard ingredients: red onion, vinegar, sugar, salt, and water (but you can opt for a sugar-free version if you want to). You can also include other ingredients for more flavor nuances if you'd like, like ginger, shallots, garlic cloves, mustard seeds, etc. Switching up regular vinegar with apple cider vinegar is also an option, especially if you like a more pronounced tart undertone. It's a two-step process of heating everything (except the onions) until the sugar and salt completely dissolve. Once the liquid has cooled down, pour it over the onion and store it in the fridge for one to three hours before using, but you can keep it for up to three weeks.

Anytime your sandwich needs a quick upgrade, simply pop open that jar of pickled onions and you've got a quick fix. If your egg sandwich has gotten a bit too monotonous for your liking, the pickled onion will fix that in an instant. Sneaking into the cheesy layers of a grilled cheese sandwich, it gives the indulgent dish a terrific kick of flavor. You may also like it with a bacon and avocado combo, a cured-meats-loaded Italian sub, a turkey and arugula pairing, or simply a fried egg and some lettuce. Almost any protein and veggie will do, actually. That said, it's just as enjoyable in non-meat sandwiches, like this roasted broccoli rabe sandwich