Give Deviled Eggs A Flavorful Seafood Twist With 2 Ingredients

A palate-pleasing appetizer entwined with comfort and nostalgia, deviled eggs' place in our hearts and on the dining table is irreplaceable. It's a reliable and familiar treat you can always count on for kickstarting the meal on a delightful note. After a while, when it inevitably becomes a little repetitive, there's a myriad of ways to make this familiar dish exciting again. Anything is possible, including a seafood twist, and you'll only need two extra ingredients: crab and Old Bay seasoning.

You may be wondering, why this specific combination? The inspiration comes primarily from the Maryland signature steamed crabs, in which the crab is generously sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning and then steamed to tender, flavorful perfection. Old Bay seasoning offers a unique mix of spicy, savory, and herbaceous notes with a kick that lingers delicately in the aftertaste. All that intricacy laces the sweet, briny crab with layers upon layers of flavors. As you can imagine, with this bold and deep fusion in the mix, the deviled eggs are anything but ordinary. Every bite perfectly captures the essence of Maryland cuisine — bold, vibrant, and uniquely exquisite, over a buttery, tangy backdrop that we know and love from the original dish.

Get creative with this flavorful pairing

Keeping things quick and easy, canned crab meat is all you need. Generally speaking, there are two main ways to spruce up your deviled eggs with crab meat and Old Bay seasoning.

The first one is mixing these two ingredients straight into the egg fillings. While you're at it, feel free to throw in other condiments for an even more complex, exhilarating taste. Spices that share the same robustness as Old Bay seasoning like Cajun seasoning, Creole seasoning, paprika, cayenne pepper, etc. are top contenders. Hot sauce would be a marvelous addition as well, especially if you want a spark of heat. A few drops of Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, or sriracha can make a much bigger difference than you think. The other way is to simply top your regular deviled eggs with crab meat and Old Bay seasoning as a finishing touch. Or better yet, do both! Sprinkle in a bit of chopped herbs or lemon zest, and your deviled eggs are a surefire crowd-pleaser.

Branching beyond the regulars, go one step further and whip up an Old Bay crab salad to top your deviled eggs for more enhanced taste and texture. If you're all about the creaminess, try incorporating mashed avocados into the filling. For sweet specks to make these deviled eggs even more versatile and compelling, corn is your best bet. But go easy on these twists and changes since the Old Bay seafood is already enough to build a stunning dish.