31 Ingredients That Will Seriously Upgrade Your Deviled Eggs

Traditional deviled eggs are charming in their own way, bringing a wave of nostalgia and comfort over you as you indulge in them. Something about this classic food can take you right back to simpler days when you were a child, enjoying these with family during the holidays. The combination of simple ingredients is what makes this appetizer so timeless.

The firm-boiled egg whites graciously hold a rich filling that typically incorporates yolks, mayonnaise, mustard, and more. Sprinkle a bit of paprika on them, and they're good to go, right? Although that is an option, you don't have to make them the same way every time. Boiled eggs are a great canvas because they pair well with so many flavors and ingredients. Whether you are in charge of the appetizers for an upcoming party or just want to expand your horizons, these ingredients will have you questioning why you didn't dress up your deviled eggs sooner.

Kewpie mayo

If you like using mayonnaise in your deviled eggs, you will absolutely love using Kewpie mayonnaise, which is similar, except it's richer and made with slightly different ingredients. Once you learn the untold truth of Kewpie mayonnaise and what the company makes it with, you may never go back to using the mayonnaise you've always stocked your refrigerator with. Kewpie mayonnaise is a Japanese delicacy made with only yolks rather than both yolks and whites. It also utilizes apple cider vinegar, making the flavor bold and distinct. Try swapping your mayo for Kewpie mayo next time you make deviled eggs and see how incredible it really is.


Adding horseradish could do wonders for those who want a nice kick to their deviled eggs. Since horseradish is quite spicy, a little will go a long way. If you wanted a subtle horseradish taste, you could always opt for using horseradish sauce instead. The sauce usually has mayonnaise or another creamy ingredient to tone the heat down. Since deviled eggs commonly incorporate mayonnaise anyways, it would work quite pleasantly. If you don't have horseradish sauce on hand, there are plenty of fantastic horseradish sauces you can find at the store. Using horseradish in some capacity will, without a doubt, make your appetizer superb.

Curry powder

Mixing curry powder into the filling is a definite way to jazz up your stuffed eggs. So, what is curry powder, and what does it taste like? Curry powder is a beautiful mixture of spices that provides a warm and savory flavor to any food it becomes a part of. Now is your chance if you've never made a deviled egg with earthy undertones. Once you use this ingredient, you will be blown away by the taste of spices like turmeric, cumin, nutmeg, and more. Using yellow curry powder will also give a distinctly unique flavor to your eggs and make the filling a livelier golden color.


Bacon can be an exceptionally tasty addition to your deviled eggs. Although deviled eggs are heavenly when the egg white is perfectly cooked and the filling is creamy, adding bacon will give a nice crunch. You can mix the bacon bits right into the filling or use the bacon as a garnish. This bacon jalapeño deviled egg recipe flawlessly incorporates bacon and allows it to give a nice pop of color to the eggs. Aside from the texture contrast, the bacon taste will provide a pleasant savory touch. After all, it is no secret that bacon and eggs are an immaculate pair.

Crème fraîche

Replacing mayonnaise with crème fraîche will give your deviled eggs a delectable tangy undertone. It isn't uncommon for people to use sour cream in deviled eggs to make the filling creamier, but using crème fraîche can provide you with an even more satisfying experience. Crème fraîche is thicker than sour cream, so you can use it freely without worrying about thinning out your filling ingredients. It has a slightly nuttier taste than other types of creme and people commonly serve it with both eggs or spices, so there is no guessing how divine it would taste when you use it in deviled eggs.


Honey can be an impeccable secret ingredient for deviled eggs. It will add a sweet undertone to the appetizer, making it far tastier than the average deviled egg. Of course, you could let your creative side take over and add spicy ingredients to accompany the honey, like wasabi, sriracha, or even jalapeños, which would give a sweet and spicy flare to the appetizer. And let's not forget how well honey and mustard taste together. After all, honey mustard is one of the most popular types of mustard out there. Whichever direction you want to take, using honey in the mixture will undoubtedly enhance your stuffed eggs.

Wasabi paste

Many recipes use Dijon mustard for deviled eggs, and wasabi is one of the best substitutes for Dijon mustard. Wasabi is indeed spicier than mustard, but those who want a nice kick to their deviled eggs will be pleasantly surprised when they use this ingredient. Not to mention, mixing the wasabi with a creamy element like mayonnaise or crème fraîche will tone down the spice a bit. Start by adding a small amount of wasabi to the mixture and working your way up. This way, you'll have control of the spice level and won't end up with deviled eggs that are too fiery to enjoy.

Tartar sauce

This ingredient could be a lovely addition to your deviled eggs and might even give you a shortcut. First, what is tartar sauce, and what does it taste like? Tartar sauce is a condiment commonly made with mayonnaise, making it the perfect contender for deviled eggs. Aside from the mayonnaise, it usually has other add-ins like chopped pickles, olives, onion, or capers. Using it in your deviled egg mixture will undoubtedly elevate the texture, whether you are using homemade tartar sauce or store-bought. The sweet and savory flavor of the condiment will taste great in the filling and save you time on chopping pickles or adding relish.


If you're a fan of gochujang, you can vouch for how flavorful of a sauce it is. On the other hand, if you have never heard of it, you might wonder what gochujang is and what it tastes like. This scrumptious condiment is made from red chili peppers, and using it in your deviled eggs can bring the taste to the next level. The sauce has sweet, spicy, and salty undertones; it is not every day you find an ingredient that has so much depth to its flavors. Use just a couple of teaspoons of gochujang in the deviled egg filling since it has such a bold flavor.

Green olives

Green olives have a pleasant salty flavor because of their high sodium content, which you can make use of when assembling deviled eggs. This ingredient can be taken advantage of in two ways, depending on if you want to add texture to the filling or have a garnish for the top. If you mix this tangy fruit into the rich egg yolk filling, make sure to mince it first. On the other hand, using it as a garnish is a terrific idea because the green color will look charming with the yellow backdrop of the filling. If doing so, you can slice the olive in half or leave it whole.

Blue cheese

Blue cheese is certainly one of those ingredients that people feel strongly about. Some disdain the unique taste of the cheese, while others can't get enough of it. If you are a blue cheese fan, integrating it into your deviled eggs could be a game changer. There are numerous versions of blue cheese out there, some being soft enough to melt in your mouth and some being ideal for sprinkling on top of foods. The softer blue cheeses would be a tangy and bold addition to the filling, while the crumbly ones would be an exquisite way to embellish the appetizer just before serving.


Truffle in deviled eggs? Yes, and it tastes divine. This is the unexpected ingredient Anne Burrell uses in deviled eggs, but she isn't the only one to do so. Putting a dash of truffle oil into the filling will provide an earthy and bold flavor that gives deviled eggs a unique taste you can't replicate by using other ingredients. The greatest thing is that it only takes about a tablespoon for the truffle flavor to shine through. Of course, if you don't have truffle oil, you can always top with deviled eggs with truffle as a garnish. Whichever the case, you won't regret giving your deviled eggs a fancy upgrade with this ingredient.

Basil pesto

If you want to let your creative side take over, try adding this Italian staple to your deviled eggs. Utilizing basil pesto in the filling will give an herb-like and subtly sweet undertone. You can control the amount depending on how prominent you want the flavor to be. Adding a couple of tablespoons will give the deviled eggs a faint pesto taste while adding a more considerable amount will make it more pronounced. The flavors of fresh herbs, parmesan, and a hint of garlic will pair splendidly with the yolks and other filling ingredients. You could even give the deviled eggs a bit of fresh basil as a garnish.

Pimento cheese

Using pimento cheese is a clever and distinct way to spice up your deviled eggs. With the taste of rich mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, spices, pimentos, and more, pimento cheese has so much to offer. Add this to your deviled eggs, and it becomes even more top-notch. Let's also not forget the special ingredient to take your pimento cheese to the next level: bacon. With all these scrumptious flavors combined, taking a bite into a pimento cheese deviled egg will be a heavenly experience, to say the least. The cheesy filling and crunchy bacon make it hard to put these deviled eggs down.

Portuguese allspice

Rather than using paprika or cayenne in your deviled eggs, taking advantage of this spice blend can make for an impressive flavor profile. Portuguese allspice is a wonderful blend of warm and spicy ingredients, with the addition of orange and lemon zest. Everyone has different ratios they like to use when making Portuguese allspice. For example, Brooklyn chef Sean Telo uses over 10 spices in his blend, so it is no wonder why it packs so much flavor. Only a teaspoon or two is needed to make the yolk mixture stunningly delectable. If you don't have this spice blend on hand, it is easy to learn how to make Sean Telo's Portuguese allspice blend at home.

Greek yogurt

Have you ever thought about using Greek yogurt in your deviled eggs? You can use this ingredient as a mayonnaise substitute because of its creamy texture. It will also give the filling a tangy undertone, which you wouldn't get from just using mayonnaise. Additionally, Greek yogurt is high in protein, so that is just one more reason to incorporate it into your appetizer. Combined with the protein from the eggs, it will be a protein-packed snack full of flavor. There are tons of recipes that use Greek yogurt as the secret ingredient because of its positive benefits, texture, and taste; deviled eggs included.


It's always pleasant when deviled eggs have a bit of spice to them, and you can do exactly that by adding sriracha to your deviled eggs. In fact, the real reason deviled eggs are called deviled eggs is because of the spicy ingredients that were historically used to make them. Try adding a spritz of sriracha to the yolk mixture itself to add hints of chiles and garlic. Another fantastic idea is to drizzle the eggs with sriracha once they are ready to be served. The deep red color will give the stuffed eggs a vibrant appearance; it is no doubt they will be a crowd-pleaser.


Avocado is the unexpected ingredient Aida Mollenkamp uses in deviled eggs, and there is no questioning why. Avocado is naturally fatty and has a creamy texture, making it the perfect candidate for deviled eggs. You can use it to replace all the mayonnaise if you don't mind the filling being more green than yellow. On the other hand, you can also put just enough to give it a subtle avocado taste; don't be afraid to adjust it to your preferences. Another idea is to top the avocado-deviled eggs with prosciutto as Aida Mollenkamp does, which gives an impressive balance of sweet and salty flavors.


If you are serving deviled eggs for a crowd, you might be wondering how you can dress them up to make them appear more elegant. Of course, there are countless ways to do so, but caviar is the fancy ingredient that will change your deviled eggs forever. Using caviar as a garnish for your deviled eggs will certainly add depth and complexity to the flavor of the appetizer. With its slightly salty and savory taste, this ingredient will have your guests turning heads. Not to mention, the black color of the tasty caviar will stand out against the golden yellow filling, doubling as an embellishment.


Crab can be an exceptional ingredient to enrich the overall flavor of your deviled eggs. Not only is crabmeat enticing, but it also has health benefits, which is why you might want to start eating more crab. To incorporate it into your appetizer, try using lump crabmeat. You can put crabmeat in the filling and additionally use it to adorn the eggs. From there, sprinkle on some Old Bay seasoning, and they're ready to be enjoyed. With the crab's delightfully oceanic taste, the array of seasonings, and the texture of the hard-boiled egg white, you will be in absolute heaven when you take a bite of these.

Smoked trout

One way to make your deviled eggs stand out is to put tasteful garnishes on them. You'll want to use something that not only looks classy but also has a delightful taste. Smoked trout can be the ideal choice in this scenario, and when paired with other ingredients like olives and pickled shallots, the deviled eggs will be far from boring. This smoked trout and olive deviled eggs recipe is the perfect opportunity to get creative and create a deviled egg like no other. The slight smokey flavor of the fish paired with the pickled shallots is a dreamy combination you won't want to miss out on.

Lemon juice

The secret to an unforgettable deviled egg is balance. The filling and toppings don't have to be complex or extravagant. In fact, their simplicity is often part of the charm. Next time you whip up a batch of deviled eggs, simply squeeze some lemon juice into the classic mixture of yolks, mayonnaise, mustard, and seasonings. A splash of lemon juice brings another layer of flavor while the acid helps cut the richness of the yolk and mayonnaise filling. A little goes a long way, so start by adding half a teaspoon at a time until you reach the preferred brightness and consistency.

Exploring the key elements of cooking in Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, Samin Nosrat describes the critical role of acid as it relates to the other elements, especially fat. Acidic foods such as citrus, vinegar, or pickles help brighten and balance a heavy dish rich in fat. This contrast enhances the enjoyment we experience while eating the dish.  

BBQ sauce

Here is a peculiar ingredient that can surprisingly upgrade your deviled eggs and add layers of flavor: BBQ sauce. It is also the unexpected ingredient the Neelys use in deviled eggs because of its tang and smokey flavor. It is no secret that the Neelys love classic barbecue food, so why wouldn't they try putting a twist on their deviled eggs as well? This ingredient is a phenomenal addition because you can mix it straight into the filling without time consuming preparation. Use homemade BBQ sauce or even put a spritz of store-bought sauce into the filling, and it will take your deviled eggs to new heights.


If you are looking for a way to make your deviled eggs fluffier, the secret ingredient you should be using in your deviled eggs is butter. Although this might seem a bit outlandish, both Julia Child and Martha Stewart have suggested utilizing this practice, so it must be quite beneficial. In general, dairy products can add a level of richness to your filling; crème fraîche or Greek yogurt are just two examples. But when it comes to butter, it will provide a level of creaminess that is unmatched. Make sure to allow your butter to soften before incorporating it with the other filling ingredients.

Caesar salad dressing

Did you know that Rachael Ray has a secret ingredient for her deviled eggs? She uses Caesar salad dressing, a rather creative ingredient for this popular appetizer. To take advantage of this secret ingredient, mix the egg yolks and other filling components with Caesar dressing; this will provide the intensity of flavor that regular deviled eggs can lack. Rachael Ray also incorporates a bit of chopped lettuce into the mixture, making the filling reminiscent of Caesar salad. With garlic, anchovy paste, and chopped lettuce, the deviled eggs will have a variety of textures and flavors that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy.

Other creamy dressings

While Caesar dressing may be a popular choice for salad, creamy, tangy ranch is the undisputed favorite in the United States for everything from dressings and dips to sauces and marinades. The iconic blend of cream, herbs, and alliums can be incorporated into deviled eggs in a number of ways whether in liquid or powder form. Blend powdered ranch dressing mix with the typical yolk and mayonnaise mixture for some added oomph to your deviled egg filling or skip the mayonnaise entirely, replacing it with the herbaceous dressing. For a different flavor profile, give some other creamy dressings a try such as Russian, Thousand Island, blue cheese, or honey mustard.


A centuries-old dish beloved across the world, hummus is a creamy, nutrient-dense spread whose origin is claimed and disputed from Lebanon to the Greek isles. Traditionally made with chickpeas, tahini, and rich olive oil, the smooth concoction is often served as a spread, dip, or condiment, but also happens to make a good swap for a variety of decadent dishes from milkshakes to deviled eggs.

Packed with protein and lighter in calories than the traditional mayonnaise and egg yolk mixture, this energizing twist on the classic appetizer is easy to make and can be infused with your favorite hummus flavors. With its subtle chickpea base, store-bought or homemade hummus takes well to a wide range of flavors that bring extra pizzazz to the typical deviled egg. With the simple addition of colorful ingredients such as beet, turmeric, or red pepper, varieties of hummus can bring a rainbow of flavors to the humble deviled egg.

Instant mashed potato

While most deviled egg recipes rely on mayonnaise or other creamy additions to bulk up the yolks and create the luscious filling, there is a secret dairy-free ingredient that can add heft to your filling that's probably sitting in your pantry right now. That unassuming packet of instant mashed potatoes is the unexpected deviled egg hack that will add density to your yolk mixture without overpowering the flavor. If you don't have instant mashed potatoes on hand, breadcrumbs will also do the trick. In Hungary, white bread soaked in milk is used to round out the rich yolk filling.

Instant mashed potatoes give the yolk mixture its fluffy consistency without altering much in the way of flavor, making them an ideal base to enhance with your favorite ingredients. As a nod to your secret ingredient, you might create a loaded mashed potato deviled egg laced with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, and green onions.  


Pomegranate seeds are a well-rounded ingredient because of their sweet and tart balance. They can be tossed in a fresh salad or used as a garnish in a hearty bowl of oatmeal. There are numerous ways to utilize their unique taste to your advantage and using them in deviled eggs is one of them. Your best bet is to bring them into play as a garnish rather than mixing them into the filling; this way, their vibrant color will undoubtedly catch the eye. In addition, the bitter-sweet taste will complement the eggs, especially when paired with fresh herbs. When integrating pomegranate seeds into your deviled eggs, you could even make them festive and turn them into Christmas deviled eggs.


Pomegranate arils, honey drizzles, and candied-bacon garnishes aren't the only ways to experiment with the delicate balance of savory and sweet. In fact, some insatiable sugar fiends have tipped the flavor scales entirely in favor of dessert. 

While it may not be for everyone, the Ohio State Fair highlighted a truly unique take on the classic deviled egg. Chocolate deviled eggs are a sweet twist on the traditional appetizer. The hard-boiled egg white shell is stuffed with a decadent mixture of yolks, cream cheese, cocoa powder, and powdered sugar. Taste of Ohio Café offered up this culinary experiment in 2019, proving that there truly is no limit to the possibilities for fun and surprising deviled egg toppings.

Cream cheese

For a classic yet improved topping for your deviled eggs, cream cheese is a must-have addition. It brings a smooth richness to deviled eggs that is unmatched by many other ingredients. Even better, cream cheese is a simple and singular addition to deviled eggs; it's the only thing you need to mix with yolks to develop a luxury filling. Plus, there is another benefit to using this upgrade. While cream cheese can impart up a silky mouthfeel, it won't leave a significant amount of added flavor, making this the ideal filling if you intend to add paprika, spices, or even everything bagel seasoning to your deviled eggs. Make sure to soften your cream cheese prior to mixing, and stick with a tub of the whipped variety.