The Special Ingredient To Take Your Pimento Cheese To The Next Level

It's the nature of great cooks, both home and professional, to take an old standby — a recipe beloved by many — and doctor it. Adding a luxe item like lobster to a humble grilled cheese is a great example. Or you can make the world's most expensive taco or sushi roll by adding edible gold. Tweaking a classic recipe doesn't have to involve crazy ingredients, though, and when the classic recipe is as delicious as pimento cheese, why not seek out some complementary flavors?

Lovers of pimento cheese — that delicacy that goes on everything from white bread to celery sticks — may already know some tricks for personalizing their take. We've shared one ingredient – roasted red peppers – that can next-level your blend of shredded cheddar, mayonnaise, and seasonings. Another way to elevate your pimento cheese game is to include it in unexpected ways, as in our heavenly pimento grilled cheese served on focaccia. 

But why stop there? Gift of Hospitality's Kate Shungu has another way to kick up your pimento cheese.

Try these savory additions

We recently discovered Kate Shungo's brilliant spin on pimento cheese and we know you'll want to try it for yourself. To make her version, you'll need shredded cheddar cheese, cream cheese, mayonnaise, and chives, along with some seasoning. To this classic mixture, add some crispy fried and crumbled bacon and some smoked paprika. "This classic pimento cheese makes for a great appetizer, snack, or side dish. It's loaded with lots of cheese, pimento peppers, and even some bacon for extra texture and flavor!" Shungo explains to Tasting Table.

The texture from the crunchy bacon and the smokiness makes this pimento cheese recipe just heavenly. If you want to see how it all comes together, check out the Tasting Table video on YouTube. How should you use this pimento cheese? It's great served as a dip with pita chips and fresh veggies as an appetizer. It would also be divine slathered on a grilled burger or incorporated into your mixture for deviled eggs. And yes, this pimento cheese will be delicious all on its own, thinly spread on plain white bread.