Rachael Ray Has A Secret Ingredient For Her Deviled Eggs

If you love both egg salad and Caesar salad, you'll definitely want to try Rachael Ray's recipe for deviled eggs

In a 2007 episode of her self-titled talk show, the celebrity chef shared that her secret to making her version of the hors d'oeuvre is to add a homemade Caesar salad dressing to the filling. According to the steps published to "The Rachael Ray Show" website, this dressing starts off like any traditional Caesar dressing would — by mixing together Worcestershire sauce, grated garlic, anchovy paste, grated onion, shredded parmesan cheese, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. But to modify the dressing so it can be added to egg yolks and still maintain the consistency of a proper filling, Ray opts for mayonnaise instead of oil and vinegar. 

For the ultimate Caesar salad experience, Ray also incorporates chopped romaine lettuce. The result is deviled eggs with a twist that are the perfect hybrid between egg salad and Caesar salad.

How to substitute store-bought Caesar dressing

During the demonstration on her show, Rachael Ray stressed the importance of using anchovy paste to effectively give the deviled eggs that classic Caesar salad flavor. But if you don't have any on hand, or just aren't in the mood to make Caesar dressing from scratch like Ray does, blogger The Cookie Writer confirms you can actually achieve similar tasting results using your favorite store-bought brand.

As instructed in the post, you'll need a half cup of Caesar salad dressing per one dozen hard boiled eggs — the same amount used in Ray's recipe. Aside from the salt, pepper, and parmesan, all the other ingredients are omitted, including the mayonnaise. (The Cookie Writer does however add bacon bits at the end as a garnish.) Like the original recipe, you'll simply mix the Caesar ingredients with the yolks, and when fully combined, pipe the filling into each egg white before chilling and serving.