The Tangy Addition To Give Your Deviled Eggs A Flavor Boost

An appetizer that's believed to have been around since the days of the ancient Rome when spicy sauces were added to boiled eggs and served as a starter to meals (per the NC Egg Association), deviled eggs have evolved over the centuries, though they remain a popular appetizer and a staple of pot lucks, picnics, and parties all over. At its most basic, the modern deviled egg includes mayonnaise and some additional flavoring and seasoning, like mustard, salt and pepper, and a sprinkle of paprika.

A seemingly simple dish, the beauty is that you can add all sorts of ingredients to seriously upgrade your deviled eggs. Looking for an extra kick in flavor? Try adding a little horseradish or wasabi paste, or some sriracha or gochujang for some extra heat. Looking to make extra fluffy deviled eggs? Alex Guarnaschelli likes to use whipped cream. Want to make your deviled eggs extra fancy? Try adding some truffles or caviar. Looking for a tangy boost in flavor? Try adding this popular condiment instead.

Try adding this popular salad dressing to your deviled eggs

Ranch dressing is the most popular salad dressing in the US by a large margin , according to Statista. Its popularity could be due to the fact that you can use it for more than just to dress salads — ranch dressing is also a popular dipping sauce for Buffalo wings, French fries, and crudité, and can be used on sandwiches and to top pizza. Turns out, you can also use ranch dressing to add an extra tangy flavor to your deviled eggs.

There are several ways you can incorporate ranch dressing into your deviled eggs. Some recipes, like this one from Betty Crocker, calls for using the dry ranch dressing mix available in packets, while others, like this Food Network recipe from Melissa d'Arabian, uses the pre-made and bottled dressing instead. Both recipes, along with many others, use ranch dressing in addition to mayonnaise. However, ranch dressing can also be used as a replacement for mayonnaise, as demonstrated by this recipe from the Herbeevore. So the next time you're making deviled eggs, grab a packet or bottle of ranch dressing, with or without mayonnaise, and expect some deliciously creamy and tangy bites as a result.