The Uncommon Ingredient Alex Guarnaschelli Uses For Fluffy Deviled Eggs

Homemade deviled eggs, per My Recipe, are best described as peeled, hard boiled eggs that have been cut in half with a yolk that's been scooped out and turned into a seasoned filling. In fact, Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "deviled" as something that has been highly seasoned. Deviled eggs are a Mardi Gras favorite. NPR shares because they are portable and filling, they offer partying parade goers the perfect breakfast. reveals deviled eggs are a Southern specialty, often found at picnics and funeral receptions, but if this finger food is served up at a church potluck, you are more likely to hear people refer to is as salad or a dressed egg, to avoid saying "deviled" on holy grounds.  

According to McCormick press release in 2019, nearly 61% of Americans like to have deviled eggs on the table for Easter brunch or lunch. And if there is a celebrity chef to be county amongst that majority, it would be Alex Guarnaschelli. While classic deviled eggs are always a go-to, the host of "Supermarket Stakeout" created a Fiery Bacon Deviled Egg recipe with the spice company to challenge lovers of this dish to try something new. And while there are plenty of secret ingredients for the best deviled eggs, Guarnaschelli may have one of the most uncommon and memorable.

Break out the whipping cream

Alex Guarnaschelli shared with Food & Wine that she has been eating deviled eggs on Easter since she was a little girl. Her mother used to make them using whipped cream to make the filling "fluffy and light." While this may seem like an unconventional ingredient to add to your deviled eggs, that's okay with Guarnaschelli who isn't afraid to experiment. 

She also uses ginger to add a little bit of fire for the taste buds. Guarnaschelli explained to the food site, "When it's combined with mustard, there's something about that combination with the yolk of an egg that's just fantastic." However, with the addition of mayo, egg yolk, and other ingredients, the taste straddles the line of being overpowering. That's where the whipped cream comes into play. Guarnaschelli says, "The whipped cream kind of just smooths the texture, the edges out. So that's really important, a great filling."

Guarnaschelli is in good company when it comes to adding this ingredient. According to the Pioneer Woman blog, Ree Drummond also likes to use heavy cream when she is whipping up her egg filling for her deviled eggs. So, the next time you make deviled eggs, whipping cream may be the secret ingredient you are looking for.