The Ingredients Alex Guarnaschelli Uses To Spice Up Deviled Eggs

Celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli can often be seen hosting Food Network's "Supermarket Stakeout," or as a recurring judge on "Chopped" (via Food Network). She was the winner of 2012's "The Next Iron Chef: Redemption" competition, earning her the nickname ICAG — Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli — which she uses on Instagram, and on products in her online store. She often shares recipes on her website, ranging from brand new inventions of her own, to upgraded versions of the classics.

Guarnaschelli likes her deviled eggs a little on the spicy side, which could be a callback to the original recipe. The North Carolina Egg Association states that the Ancient Romans were the first to served boiled eggs, and notes that they were seasoned with spicy sauces. This dish was typically an appetizer for guests, and even inspired the saying "from eggs to apples," which symbolized the beginning to end of a meal. Although Guarnaschelli's recipe differs from what the Ancient Romans served up, both versions have spicy similarities.

Turn up the heat

Alex Guarnaschelli likes to turn up the heat just a bit when she makes deviled eggs, using a few different spices. According to Us Food, she typically adds cayenne, instead of the more commonly used paprika. She notes that she is aware this is a more unusual choice, but she prefers a little extra heat. She also dusts the egg whites with cayenne, so the oft-neglected aspect of the egg can have an upgrade of its own. If that's not enough, Food & Wine reports that she also adds in some hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and mustard.

To ramp up the spice-factor even more, Guarnaschelli also adds in a little dried ginger, per Food & Wine. While it's not spicy in the traditional sense, she says the dry heat added by it makes it akin to a "cousin of wasabi." She says that while the typical heat isn't there, the ginger adds a slight tingle when eaten, which can mesh well with the other, hotter ingredients.