Easily Transform Bruschetta Into Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Those classic grilled cheese sandwiches made with pre-sliced American cheese and two slices of white bread that many of us ate during childhood are quite comforting. Even so, there are many ingredients that can elevate a grilled cheese, and maybe you've already tried additions like slices of bacon, caramelized onions, or avocado. Another way to make a gourmet rendition of the sandwich is to turn bruschetta, which is traditionally served on slices of crusty bread, into a decadent adult version of the tasty sandwich.

At its most basic, the Tuscan recipe for bruschetta is simply made of diced tomatoes and olive oil, and sometimes parmesan, basil, olives, or onions all spread on a piece of bread and finished off with balsamic vinaigrette. It's served as a starter, but it only takes the addition of cheese and a second slice of bread to turn it into an incredible grilled cheese sandwich. Use the highest quality tomatoes and other ingredients to achieve the freshest flavor, and drain off any excess liquid so the bread doesn't become soggy. Then just spread the bruschetta mix between the bread slices with cheese, and cook it however you usually make a traditional take on the sandwich.

Use a hearty bread and melty cheese

There are many kinds of bread that work with grilled cheese sandwiches, but you'll want a hearty variety to stand up to any juices from the tomatoes and other ingredients. Many bruschetta recipes use baguette, so that's a great option to cut into larger pieces and pay homage to the original. Focaccia and ciabatta are also hearty breads that lean into Italian inspiration for this elevated grilled cheese. Sourdough or rye bread will work here too because these dense varieties are usually easy to find in even the most basic grocery store.

The most important ingredient to turn bruschetta into grilled cheese is, well, the cheese. Some freshly-grated parmesan is perfect since it often makes its way into traditional bruschetta, but you'll need another variety of melty cheese to get that grilled cheese effect. Mozzarella is an ideal choice because it's part of the same cuisine family and melts quite well. Other options that melt well include gruyere, fontina, and taleggio, or a combination of any of them.

As for the bruschetta, you can use a store-bought variety, but fresh is certainly best. For guidance, consider our classic bruschetta recipe or our all-star tomato bruschetta recipe with ricotta cheese and heirloom cherry tomatoes.