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If you go to Vancouver, and you don't have to loosen your belt a notch, you didn't truly experience the city. Its proximity to prime agricultural land, pristine waters and ranching territory means there's no end of local ingredients for chefs to play with. What's more, the well-worn path between Vancouver and Asia means the city (and its neighboring suburb of Richmond) slings some of the world's best Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese food. As for booze, look no further than the city's thriving craft beer and distillery scene, as well as British Columbia's stellar wineries. And though BC still has some pretty arcane liquor laws, the province is loosening up—so here's to happy hour (finally!), wine at farmers' markets and more opportunities to enjoy the area's bounty. — Eagranie Yuh, Contributor


Lamb Popsicles


David Hawksworth

Chef and owner of Hawksworth Restaurant

"Vancouver's eclectic food scene is a reflection of the city's cultural diversity, our unique natural surroundings and the high quality of our locally available ingredients."

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