Try Japanese-Style Iced Coffee For A Bolder And More Balanced Drink

Iced coffee drinks are all the rage in the summer — and in the winter, depending on who you ask. This is especially true for cold brew. Japanese-style iced coffee, on the other hand, takes it to the next level. Like how cold brew differs from iced coffee in the sense that it's brewed in cold water to make something fresh tasting, Japanese-style iced coffee goes a step further by brewing the coffee over literal ice. The result is an iced coffee drink that's even sweeter, more aromatic, and, overall, much more inspiring.

So, how is it done? It's actually very simple. Starting with your basic pour-over preparation, you're going to grind up your beans and heat up some water, reducing the amount you'd usually use by a half and replacing that with ice. Assuming each ice cube is about the same as an ounce, you'd then place them inside your serving vessel before pouring your hot water over the coffee grounds. With this method, your coffee gets a hearty flavor from the hot water that's instantly counteracted once it hits the ice below, resulting in the perfect strength coffee.

The Japanese iced coffee method is special in that it delivers all the flavor subtleties and aromas that you get from a hot cup of coffee in an iced form. The traditional cold brew method simply can't replicate that.

Japanese-style coffee inspires a world of flavors

Given the balance that the Japanese-style iced coffee method creates, it should be all the more enjoyable to drink as is. Poured in a glass over more ice, Japanese-style doesn't require any milk or sweetener to achieve that flavor balance — because it already has it. Whatever you do add to it, in turn, will only be inspired by what's already there, with an intent to enhance the aromas and flavors already present in the brew.

Given the method's Japanese origins, you can look to Japanese coffee trends for inspiration. That might include serving it as a sparkling tonic or opting for more fruity flavors such as pineapple juice or a banana cold foam. But, just because this coffee is made using a Japanese method doesn't mean you have to stick to Japanese inspired flavors. At the end of the day, it's just a really good iced coffee, after all — which means it could go well with anything.

One way to add even more interest to your Japanese-style iced coffee is by giving it a Scandinavian twist, and all it takes is a couple of ingredients. You can also add a splash of the best store-bought creamer and your favorite flavoring. Hazelnut, almond, and chocolate are all flavors that are known to pair well with coffee because they're already present in it. But, so are berries — and blueberry syrup is a must try this summer.