2-Ingredient Banana Cold Foam Is What Iced Coffee Dreams Are Made Of

No matter what the season — or even the temperature — among both dedicated and casual coffee drinkers, many choose to take it iced to enjoy a combination of boldness and refreshment. Be it cold brew, traditional drip over ice, whipped, or blended, there's a fabulous new addition you can make to elevate your regular iced coffee to even more delightful heights. Banana cold foam, a frothy and flavorful mixture of bananas and cream that's gained popularity on TikTok, jumps straight off your screen and into your favorite coffee cup.

A generous helping of cold foam brings a rich taste and robust texture to your iced coffee. There are a variety of ways to upgrade your coffee's cold foam and the introduction of a banana into the mix fits nicely as a source of additional sweetener along with a helping of necessary nutrients. The interplay between sweet bananas and cream paired with the traditional bitterness, acidity, and earthiness of coffee is a tasty match made in caffeine-lover's heaven.

Going bananas with your iced coffee

Combining bananas and coffee isn't an entirely new trend, but it is one that can be riffed on and enjoyed in a number of ways. Whether it's making a banana sweet cream for your iced coffee or blending the whole thing into a smoothie, it is entirely up to you to turn your morning — or anytime — beverage into a texture and taste that best suits your palette. The two ingredients necessary to make banana cold foam are bananas and cream blended into a frothy mixture. If you want a thinner consistency, mixing bananas with regular milk instead of cream will yield the desired result.

Consider spicing your milk before frothing and blending it with bananas to create the perfect banana bread-inspired cold foam for your iced coffee. There are other elements you can pair with your banana cold foam to change up the texture and flavor such as spiced cookies, syrups, flavor powders, and more. The perfect blend of sweetness and boldness, adding banana cold foam to your next iced coffee is perfectly appealing. Or is that a-peel-ing?