Blueberry Syrup Is A Must-Try For Your Summer Coffee

If you want to make the most of juicy, in-season fruit and pack in a few extra antioxidants, incorporate blueberries into all of your favorite foods and drinks this summer. We're talking everything from blueberry-lavender honey popsicles and blueberry cardamom donuts to even your morning cup of joe. While pumpkin and apple are the coffee flavors of fall, the warmer months are the perfect time to incorporate this berry instead.

At first glance, blueberries and java may not sound like a match made in heaven — and it's true that richer flavors like chocolate and caramel tend to be more popular here — but when you turn the berries into a syrup, you create a sweet, slightly sour ingredient that pops against the bitterness of the java. When combined with milk or creamer, you'll end up with a drink that tastes a lot like a fruity muffin or slice of coffee cake. Plus, the combination isn't a totally novel concept. Massive chains like 7-11 and Dunkin' have served blueberry lattes and blueberry donut iced Coffees, respectively, and you can find plenty of options out there for the fruity flavor in bags of coffee grounds.

Build your blueberry coffee into a dessert-worthy drink

To get started incorporating blueberry flavors into your coffee, you'll first want to make or buy a syrup. If you're whipping one up at home, all you have to do is combine equal parts of the fruit, sugar, and water with a dash of lemon juice on the stove over low heat. Wait until the sugar dissolves and the mixture thickens, then pour your syrup into a separate container and allow it to cool (or don't if you're making hot coffee right away).

A cold blueberry coffee drink (like a cold brew or iced latte) starts with pouring a little of the syrup in a glass with ice. Then, add in your java and milk or creamer or make a cold foam (with mascarpone for maximum richness) to dollop on top. If you want a hot beverage, all you have to do is stir your syrup into warm coffee, then add in your milk or creamer.

While these basic drinks will be delicious on their own, you can also add some whipped cream and cinnamon over the top along with another drizzle of your blueberry-flavored ingredient. To upgrade your cup even more, incorporate complementary syrups like white chocolate, vanilla, lavender, almond, cookie butter, or cinnamon, or line your cup with a chocolate or white chocolate sauce. Your drink can be as light or rich as you like — either way, the tangy fruit will make its flavor pop.