The Reason Costco Fans Shouldn't Stick To Their Closest Location

Costco has long been the Holy Grail of budget purchases, but did you know that not every outlet sells the same products at identical rates? Mixing up your stores is one of the best Costco hacks, because individual branch managers are the ones who set discounts and choose stock based on demand. Not all locations are the same size, either. If your local Costco is on the smaller side, then it's definitely worth going that extra mile to visit a bigger location, as picking different shops provides access to a wider range of items at better prices.

You may be thinking, "Can't I just shop online instead of traveling to a different Costco location?" Sure you can, but just remember that this doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to get the best price. Using this strategy means you'll get hit with shipping costs, and the corporation rarely advertises its lowest price tags on the internet anyway. Instead, visit as many locations in person as you realistically can. Since it operates on a bulk-buy basis, traveling further when buying more goods becomes a more logical trade-off. Just ensure you've got plenty of shelf-life-friendly storage ready at home — you'll want to have lots of organized freezer and pantry room so you don't lose track of expiration dates.

Some Costco locations stock rare items

Since not every Costco location sells the same goods, shoppers can find treasure troves of unique items by going a bit further afield. Premium alcohol enthusiasts, in particular, should listen up: There's a selection of precious bourbon whiskies scattered across its branches, while Burbank Costco stocks some leading rare wines. There have even been sightings of Screaming Eagle Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon at certain Costco stores, retailing at an eye-watering $3,699.99.

The Costco business model isn't just about blanket-selling stock at a low cost. It specifically prices products at competitive rates decided by their demand level. And while not many of us will be bulk-buying fancy bottles of wine at nearly $4,000 a pop, it's definitely worth spreading your wings to search for the best bargains. The novelty of doing so is a driving factor in its success. There's always new food to sample or fresh deals to snatch up. Mix things up and head to a different Costco this weekend — you never know what you might find.