The Chick-Fil-A Secret Menu Hack For A Unique Ice Cream Float

Chicken may be the focal point of Chick-fil-A's menu, but their sides, desserts, and drinks are equally beloved by customers. Unfortunately, Chick-fil-A has become notorious for higher-priced meals than your average fast food restaurant. Consequently, food content creators and Chick-fil-A lovers have flocked to social media with ideas on how to get more bang for your buck. Menu hacks range from ordering off a secret menu to building an ice cream sandwich with two chocolate chip cookies and soft serve.

In a recent TikTok video from self-proclaimed professional food hacker @andersonnguyenofficial, he demonstrates a tasty and unique ice cream float hack that blends their creamy vanilla soft-serve with lemonade. Nguyen executes the hack by dunking a cone of soft serve upside down into a cup of lemonade to create what he calls a "frozen lemonade." Unfortunately, this hack proves too messy, expelling a large part of the lemonade onto the table. While Nguyen recommends drinking a portion of the lemonade before adding the ice cream cone, we'd recommend a different strategy altogether.

Ditch the cone altogether and ask your server to pump your soft serve into a drink cup instead. Then, you can pour the lemonade over your soft serve with plenty of room and control over the texture of your float. You can use the straw to combine the two into a creamy dessert drink that's equal parts fragrant, tangy, and sweet.

More sweet dessert hacks

A lemonade and vanilla float is certainly a unique combination worth trying, but you can always go the more traditional route by choosing Coke or root beer. For a twist on an orange creamsicle, apply the soft serve hack to orange soda. It's a fizzy, more refreshing version of thisĀ three-ingredient creamsicle milkshake. Whichever drink you choose, remember to order it without ice if you don't want a diluted float.

Another dive down the TikTok rabbit hole reveals even more genius ways to improve upon the ice cream float hack by ordering a kid's meal and opting for ice cream instead of a toy. The free ice cream is a smaller portion, which is the perfect size for a satisfying float that won't blow your budget or your britches.

You can also use the same kid's meal hack to build a fruit sundae by ordering a fruit cup instead of fries with the meal and using the fruit as a soft serve topping. Bring these hacks full circle by topping your fruity soft-serve with lemonade for a dessert twist on sangria.