Chick-Fil-A's Sweetest Secret Menu Item Is An Ice Cream Sandwich

When you think of Chick-fil-A, you probably think of its many chicken items, from chicken sandwiches to chicken nuggets and so on. But let's not forget about the sweet treats — Chick-fil-A also offers desserts like frosted lemonade and milkshakes. But it's on the secret menu where you'll find its ice cream sandwich.

Here's how you make it happen: Order two chocolate chunk cookies and one Icedream cup of vanilla ice cream. The three items will come separately, so be ready to assemble them yourself. In fact, you may want to ask for extra napkins if you plan on putting the sweet treat together in your car. To make the sandwich, simply scoop the ice cream onto one of the cookies then top it with the second cookie — and voila, you have a tasty ice cream sandwich in your hands.

The ice cream sandwich is, without a doubt, a secret menu item that you need to know about. But it's not the only secret sweet treat item that you can put together from the Chick-fil-A dessert menu.

Other sweet treats from the Chick-fil-A dessert menu

If you want another ice cream sandwich idea, you can swap out the cookies for two chocolate fudge brownies instead. With the gooey, thick brownies, the ice cream sandwich will be even more decadent.

While the only ice cream flavor is vanilla, there are ways to make new flavor variations using the add-on. When you order the Icedream cup, you have the option to add either chocolate syrup or strawberry syrup. So, if you want either chocolate or strawberry ice cream instead, you can order it with the flavored syrup of your choosing and mix it in the ice cream until you have a taste resembling the syrup. Then, you can either enjoy the ice cream as is or use it for one of the ice cream sandwich options — how about chocolate ice cream between chocolate chip cookies, or strawberry ice cream between two brownies?