Our Favorite Trader Joe's Snack Is For Everything Bagel Lovers

Mini (Almost) Everything Bagel Sandwich Crackers landed on top of our list of favorite snacks from Trader Joe's for good reason. Not only do these bite-sized pieces deliver mouthfuls of one of our favorite spice blends, but the ingredient itself can be incorporated into a range of other dishes to bring a new punch of mouthwatering interest to familiar recipes. While you can dip the tiny crackers into Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Greek Yogurt Dip or a sweet or savory cream cheese recipe you whipped up for yourself at home, these tiny treats taste equally delicious crumbled on top of plates of homemade mac and cheese or used as a crowning finish for a cheesy French onion soup pasta casserole. Having a package of these crackers stashed in your kitchen is the ultimate culinary hack, as you can deal with snack attacks and creative upgrades with an easy handful.

Just like a New York-style bagel seasoned with generous coatings of salt, poppy seeds, dried garlic, and onion, these crackers offer the taste of your favorite morning breakfast order in a convenient handheld option. Instead of needing to find the nearest bagel shop when you long for the taste of a salty, seasoned bagel, you can have a handy plastic bag filled with the crunchy pieces to start piling into your mouth.

Snack time gets dangerous

To turn up the flavor dial and create a snack that parallels a perfectly toasted bagel, you can toast these crackers lightly and enjoy a golden, crunchy snack along with your latest Netflix obsession. Sprinkle cheese on top for an experience that channels our everything bagel grilled cheese sandwich recipe and converts the dish into a snack. Lovers of sesame seeds may want to sprinkle toasted seeds onto served bowls of these crackers since Trader Joe's kept food sensitivities in mind when designing this product and left the ingredients out.

Let's face it: The versatility of these crackers helped push this snack to the top of our rankings. Use crumbles of the crackers to add flavorful texture to a classic Italian meatball recipe, or add the pieces to the homemade Chex mix. Bowls of soup can be easily garnished with savory crunchy delights, or you can veer the snacks into a sweeter lane by coating pieces in peanut butter and chocolate sauce to cool and enjoy during a warm afternoon. After sampling these crackers for yourself, you may start viewing them like a culinary Swiss Army Knife tucked away in your kitchen cupboards.