There's No Better Way To Boost Homemade Chex Mix Than With Ranch Seasoning

For those who appreciate the flavor of ranch dressing on dishes other than salads — think pizza, French fries, vegetables, and burgers — a sprinkle of ranch seasoning can make bowls of Chex Mix that much more difficult to step away from. Chex Mix is a guaranteed party pleaser and, with many of the ingredients found tucked away in your kitchen cupboards, is easy to make. A ranch-flavored mashup made of cereals, crackers, nuts, pretzels, and seasonings will offer a smorgasbord of items that will keep guests coming back for more. 

Consider adding the ranch seasoning in stages to ensure that each bite is sufficiently coated. Taste as you go to create the optimum flavor ratio for your palate and look to complement the other snacks you intend to place out on the grazing table. Your Chex Mix creations can also be topped with freshly grated Parmesan or white cheddar cheese for a savory addition that complements the satisfying herby, tangy taste of the ranch powder.

Give the people what they want

Whether adding soy sauce or duck fat to Chex Mix recipes, at-home chefs have plenty of ways to prove that the tasty medley isn't simply a snack meant for kids' lunchboxes. To bring a buttery, toasted taste to your ranch-enhanced snack, consider baking your Chex Mix in the oven before serving. The best part about homemade Chex Mix is that the recipe can be customized to your liking, and adding pieces of ranch-flavored tortilla chips, broken everything-but-the-bagel seasoned bagel chips, or ranch-flavored corn nuts can turn up all the flavor dials. 

You may want to make more than what you think you'll need when serving this snack because this is a recipe that can disappear quickly at parties and family gatherings. To double down on the ranch theme, offer a small dish of homemade buttermilk ranch dressing alongside your Chex Mix for guests to dip large pieces of the mix into. The ranch fanatics at your party will be well pleased, and you can smile with contentment at the tangible evidence of your culinary prowess.