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Put a Lid On It

A slick trick for slicing cherry tomatoes that really works
How to cut tomatoes using lids
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Issue: You've got a bunch of cherry tomatoes rolling around your cutting board. And you haven't invested in a special gadget that cuts them up for you.

Solution: Take two plastic lids. Take-out container lids work well. Place a handful of the little guys between the lids, hold the top on in place and slice between them. Voila: lots of sliced tomatoes and very little mess. Perhaps you're already familiar with this technique, but in the height of cherry tomato season, it bears repeating.

Tomato Tip: Bring a sharp knife to this game. Not that you'd be cooking with any other kind, but it's essential for this shortcut. Otherwise, you'll just be pushing and smooshing the tomatoes. Nothing pretty—or timesaving—about that.

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