We Tried Maison Perrier's Flavored Sparkling Water, And The Subtle Seltzers Are High On Aesthetics

You can enhance everyday water with fresh ingredients like a splash of lemon juice or a cucumber, but there's nothing like the crisp, bubbly taste of sparkling water on a hot day to invigorate and energize without the need for sugar or caffeine. Typically, the essences that give seltzer its flavor are naturally derived, so we can feel good about enjoying this tingly treat. Sparkling water also acts as the perfect soda alternative for poolside cocktails, helping add a little hydration to a boozy refresher — what's not to love?

Fans of artisanal water know and love Perrier, and Maison Perrier is an offshoot of the iconic brand. As a self-proclaimed seltzer aficionado, I've used my (oddly specific) experience and knowledge to sip, study, and scrutinize the new Maison Perrier lineup of fancy sparkling water. These Maison Perrier products include flavored and unflavored sparkling waters known as Forever and Ultimate, respectively. 

Here, I'll showcase both varieties of Maison Perrier to determine if this new product lives up to the hype. I'll also compare Maison Perrier to another leading sparkling water brand, so you can discern whether or not this new line of beverages is worth adding to your repertoire of refreshments.

Some recommendations are based on firsthand impressions of promotional materials and products provided by the manufacturer.

What are the new Maison Perrier sparkling water flavors?

Perrier's history is long and storied, having been around since 1863 when this now-famous spring water from the south of France was introduced to Britain. The sparkling beverage acted as a tangible representation of French elegance in Britain, and quickly emerged as a symbol of sophistication that Brits went crazy for. Today, Perrier hosts an eclectic museum at its spring-water source in Vergèze, France, where fans of the brand can discover world-famous artistic collaborations from the company over the years, and explore the century-old park that Perrier calls home. 

Maison Perrier is introducing varied fruit flavors in its new line of Forever sparkling waters, along with an unflavored Ultimate option. Compared to the brand's other flavored sparkling water varieties, this new line acts as an elevated alternative to existing seltzer brands offered in cans. The flavored Maison Perrier offerings include grapefruit, blackberry, peach, and lime, and are all unsweetened, with no calories, caffeine, or artificial ingredients. Unlike classic Perrier, these new products are not natural mineral waters, but offer a variety of crisp and refreshing flavors that enhance water said to be drawn from wells in Vergèze. 

Where to find Maison Perrier's new drinks

This refined beverage, with its air of exclusivity, might give an initial impression of being attainable only at the most chic French bistros. However, you need not dine on a terrace overlooking the Seine to secure a bottle or can. Maison Perrier graces the shelves of quite a few major retailers, both brick-and-mortar and online, such as Target, Sam's Club, and Amazon. It's worth noting that prices may vary between physical outlets and online stores.

If you prefer to venture beyond the superstores, you'll discover Maison Perrier in unexpected places. I was pleasantly surprised to find select varieties at my local grocery store, Acme. Maison Perrier is also conveniently available at Kroger. Alas, those who prefer to purchase directly from the source will be displeased to learn that the Maison Perrier product line is not available for direct purchase on the company's website. 

How much does Maison Perrier sparking water cost?

Perrier is dear to the hearts of those who want to enjoy high-class living without spending a fortune. Typically, the company's products offer elegance without the bougie price tag, and Maison Perrier is no different. Prices vary depending on your location and which outlet you purchase it from, but no retailer I could find online offered Perrier's new product for an exorbitant cost.

If looking to purchase only one pack to try out Maison Perrier for yourself, you should know that on Amazon, only bottles are available in individual packages. If you prefer cans, you'll have to invest in a minimum order of three packs for about $21. 

For more options, try visiting your nearest grocery store or superstore, like Sam's Club or Target. At Target, eight-can packs are available for a reasonable $6.69. If you've already tried and enjoyed Maison Perrier, buying packs of cans or bottles in bulk is the most cost-effective option. At Sam's Club, a 24-pack of bottles rings up at about $21.50, making each can less than a dollar — a low price for refreshing sophistication. 

Taste test: Maison Perrier Forever Grapefruit

First, I tried Maison Perrier's grapefruit-flavored sparkling water. After cracking open the can, I immediately noticed a wave of fresh grapefruit scent. Grapefruit happens to be my favorite seltzer flavor, so I've indulged in a fair share of this citrusy drink spanning multiple brands, and most don't smell (or taste) quite like the real deal. The aroma of this Maison Perrier version reminded me of pressing grapefruits to make homemade juice, so I was ready for some authentic flavor.

I was surprised to find that the grapefruit taste in Maison Perrier's seltzer wasn't bitter at all. The flavor was more pronounced than I imagined — sour and sweet, as opposed to a typical bitter grapefruit flavor. I thought this drink's essence was more reminiscent of pomelo rather than grapefruit

In true Perrier fashion, the bubbles are tiny but plentiful, and leave a delightful tingly aftertaste on the palate. Overall, I appreciated the drink's aroma more than its taste, which was refreshing and delicious, but not quite as grapefruit-like as I had hoped for.

Taste test: Maison Perrier Forever Lime

Next, I tried Maison Perrier's lime-flavored Forever sparkling water. Lime is my second go-to seltzer flavor, so I was excited to indulge in a tart and sweet treat with this beverage. Upon cracking open the can, I noticed the absence of any discernible aroma, which raised concerns regarding the drink's flavor profile (or lack thereof).

This lime-flavored beverage's lack of scent turned out to be telling of the drink overall. It lacked any tart lime flavor on the initial sip, and tasted more like an unflavored sparkling water. Thankfully, the presence of a slightly sweet lime aftertaste was unmistakable and pleasant, offering a hint of zingy citrus to complement the drink's bubbles. 

I found myself finishing the entire can in a matter of a few minutes; Maison Perrier is bubbly, but not so much so that it's impossible to drink quickly. While I would have preferred a more perceptible lime taste, the drink is perfect for those who want a crisp, clean-tasting beverage without any added sweetness other than the mere whisper of fruity essence.

Taste test: Maison Perrier Forever Blackberry

The blackberry variant from Maison Perrier's Forever line caught me off guard, standing out as the most surprising among the brand's flavored offerings. Initially, I anticipated a subtly tart undertone with a delicate burst of vibrant berry essence. However, compared to the understated profiles of the preceding two varieties, the blackberry-infused sparkling water offered an unexpected twist.

This blackberry flavor is by far the most nuanced of the Forever sparkling waters. I detected notes of super sweet and creamy vanilla immediately, especially in the drink's aromas. I'd go as far to say that the drink smells more like vanilla than berry. The taste finishes off with a rich and luscious berry flavor, which is deeply sweet and far less tart than I expected. 

Although blackberries are known for their sweetness and lack of sour flavor compared to most berries, I still anticipated a typical tart berry essence to accompany a blackberry-forward flavor. With a splash of vodka, this drink would make an excellent, simple, yet elevated mixed drink to enjoy by the beach or at the pool. 

Taste test: Maison Perrier Forever Peach

The last Forever sparkling water I treated myself to was peach. Peach is known for its association with the warmer months of the year, often conjuring nostalgic memories of childhood summertime bliss. It's not the most common choice for flavored sparkling water, so I was surprised to discover that Maison Perrier included it among its selection of flavored options. Nevertheless, this sparkling water could likely acquire a dedicated fan base, although I'd have to count myself out.

The peach taste in this beverage was unmistakable as soon as I took a sip. The summery aroma, coupled with the intense taste, brought about a feeling that, for a brief moment in time, I was transported to an orchard with a warm breeze and the scent of fresh fruit surrounding me. 

But the fruit flavor doesn't linger. There was no sweet aftertaste or hint of peach flavor to be found after the first sip — however, I found this to be preferable. I believe there's a reason that citrus fruits are the most sought-after sparkling water flavors. Zesty, tart citrus complements the bubbles in sparkling water. Deeply sweet and only slightly tangy peach clashes with loud and tingly bubbles, subjecting the palate to an unpleasant battle of conflicting tastes and textures.

Taste test: Maison Perrier Ultimate

Lastly, I cracked open a Maison Perrier Ultimate — the brand's unflavored sparkling water variety. I expected a sharp burst of bubbly effervescence and a pure, fresh taste. I was surprised by its subdued bubbles, although they still retained the classic Perrier ultra-tingly character. Considering that this drink is far less aggressively bubbly than many competing brands, mixing this unflavored sparkling water with any fruit juice or liquor would yield a flat beverage. This drink is best enjoyed all on its own.

While savoring the tingly sensation left on my palate after the first sip, I found that this beverage had a slightly earthy and almost metallic aftertaste, not unlike Perrier's original mineral water. I chalked up this interesting but far from unpleasant taste to the presence of natural electrolytes. Unfortunately for those not inclined to chug their beverages, this sparkling water flattened out on me in only about 20 minutes, so be sure to gulp it down before the effervescence fades out of existence.

Maison Perrier vs. Waterloo

Maison Perrier is truly a sparkling water of its own caliber. It maintains the trademark Perrier effervescence, with an aftereffect that will leave the back of your mouth tingly for moments after the initial sip. This fact alone sets Maison Perrier apart from most sparkling water brands. The cans are slim and sleek and have a matte finish that feels significantly more comfortable to hold than a regular 12-ounce can. Although the flavored options were not among my favorite fruity sparkling waters, the unflavored version boasts a crisp, refined taste and texture akin to mineral water, elevating it above most unflavored alternatives.

Compared to Waterloo's flavored sparkling waters — a trendy choice for connoisseurs of the beverage — Maison Perrier's flavors are far less pronounced, though still easily detectable (with the exception of the lime flavor). Waterloo is known for its aggressively forward flavors, offering an option for those who want a little something more out of their sparkling water. 

If you, like many carbonated water drinkers, prefer only a hint of flavor, then Maison Perrier would likely be preferable. Considering the two brands' comparable prices, I would rank Waterloo superior for its multitude of options and strong flavor — but it's hard to discredit how elegant Maison Perrier makes me feel, and for a low price to boot. 

Are Maison Perrier Forever and Ultimate drinks worth it?

Although Perrier feels like the caviar of carbonated water, it comes at a surprisingly average price, and this affordability extends to Maison Perrier. The flavors are crisp and tasty, albeit subtle, and the unflavored Ultimate variety tastes similar to mineral water, despite nutritional differences with sparkling water. If, however, you're on the hunt for sparkling water to mix with fruit juice, I'd suggest looking elsewhere. Maison Perrier beverages are apparently intended to be consumed on their own, with the exception of maybe adding a splash of liquor for a quick and easy mixed drink.

Ultimately, the best reason to invest in a case of Maison Perrier is to elevate a party — especially a barbecue or dinner party. The cans are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to hold, and the Perrier name always comes with an air of sophistication. Serving Maison Perrier alongside a home-cooked meal or keeping it on ice for guests to enjoy adds a touch of elegance to your gathering without breaking the bank. 

This aspect alone makes Maison Perrier a worthwhile buy, especially when compared to other premium sparkling water brands that may pack a punch of flavor, but lack in the style department. If aesthetic appeal and making an impression while hosting a party couldn't mean less to you, you're better off choosing a slightly cheaper sparkling water for a little extra flavor and none of the pizzazz.