9 Smoky Pantry Staples for When You're Too Lazy to Grill

No lighter fluid needed
Best Smoked Spices & Ingredients for Grilling
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We love the bonus points that come with being in command of a fiery, roaring grilling as much as the next person, but seldom do we have the patience to deal with bottles of lighter fluid and the half hour it takes for charcoal to heat up.

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On the days when you need to satisfy your craving for food cooked over an open fire—without the fire—these nine pantry ingredients are exactly what you need to bring the summer barbecue indoors. 

Whether your idea of the perfect picnic is cooking in the wilderness or sipping a summery cocktail at a sidewalk café, we’ve got everything you need to spend your Summer in the Wild. Let the outdoor entertaining begin.

  • Bitterman’s Halen Môn Gold Smoked Sea Salt 

    Sourced from Wales, this artisanal finishing salt has delicate crystals that are cured over oak wood and is good for more than just giving your rib eye a deceptively charred flavor: Use it in salted caramel to accent the dessert's sugary, burnt undertones., $14

    Photo: Sur la Table

  • Safinter Smoked Sweet Paprika 

    The sweet peppers used in this mellow auburn spice are dried over oak logs, giving a warm flavor (and toasty color) to any dish., $7

    Photo: Dean and DeLuca

  • Smoked Brown Sugar 

    Use this smoky sugar in a dry rub, and oven-braised ribs will bear a surprising resemblance to their charcoal-kissed counterparts. This staple is also perfect for when you're in the mood for grilled desserts . . . minus that grilled part., $17

    Photo: Sur la Table

  • Lazy Kettle Brand Hickory Liquid Smoke 

    The classic go-to for backyard-less cooks, a few drops of this potent elixir, made from the condensed steam of hickory fires, almost makes us miss the nostalgia of having to scrub our clothes clean of the smell of fire., $15 for two

    Photo: Amazon

  • TWG Lapsang Souchong Tea

    The leaves of this black tea are dried over a pine-fueled fire to impart its trademark flavor and aroma. Use it in dry rubs and marinades, or add a savory flair to sweet summertime iced teas., $21

    Photo: Dean and DeLuca

  • Smoked Chocolate Chips

    There's nothing better than a fire-torched marshmallow holding together your s'mores, except these pre-smoked chocolate chips that don't involve windy beach bonfires and sand in your shoes., $20

    Photo: Dean and DeLuca

  • Bourbon Smoked Garlic Salt

    Your avocado toast has a new best friend, and it's this blend of garlic, fennel and orange peel mixed with slow-smoked crystals of flaky salt., $11.50

    Photo: Amazon

  • Sur la Table Smoked Black Pepper 

    Bacon-wrapped filets won't miss being seared on the grill after being generously rubbed in this hickory-smoked pepper., $22

    Photo: Sur la Table

  • Triple Smoke Whiskey 

    This small-batch whiskey gets its flavor from a combination of peat, cherry and beechwood before being aged in oak barrels. Use it in both drinks and desserts, and it's just like you're sitting by an evening campfire in your plaidest of flannels., $58

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