S'mores Without a Campfire

Simply spike, stack and shove into the toaster oven
Toaster Oven S'mores Recipe
Photo: Heather Katsoulis via Flickr

So you want to make s'mores, but you don't have access to a campfire.

Not a problem: Your toaster oven is about to come to the rescue. There is no faster way to satisfy that nostalgic yearning for a gooey, sticky, chocolaty snack—and we've taken it a step further, spicing up the childhood treat with candied ginger.

Stud a marshmallow with chopped candied ginger pieces, resembling a spiked ball, or a porcupine. Lay a graham cracker on a toaster oven tray and add a chocolate bar piece. Top with the studded marshmallow and toast in the oven until bubbling, and the chocolate starts to melt, about four minutes. Stack a second cracker to sandwich, eat and let the campfire nostalgia wash over you.

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