9 Easy Dessert Recipes to Make at Home

These are the treats every great home baker should know by heart
Easy Dessert Recipes
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Sure, it might be easier to grab a package of cookies from the store or pick up a cake from a local bakery, but we feel better and more accomplished when we make them ourselves. Not to mention showing up to a party with a homemade dessert earns you serious brownie points.

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Grab your spatula and whisk; here are nine desserts every home baker should master.

  • Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate cake satisfies even the fiercest chocolate craving, and we can vouch for Ina Garten's devil's food cake—it is one of the best.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

    These are perfect for any occasion and easy to make last minute. Put a twist on the classic by substituting maple sugar in this maple chocolate chip cookie recipe.

  • Apple Pie

    Impress guests by mastering the ultimate apple pie for Thanksgiving.

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  • Key Lime Pie

    Key lime pie is the perfect dessert for those warm spring and summer months.

  • Cheesecake

    It's easier than you think to make creamy cheesecake at home. Try your hand at the classic New York style or go for cheesecake bars with whiskey-caramel sauce.

  • A Citrus Tart

    Fruit tarts are great year-round, especially in winter when citrus shines.

  • Lemon Bars

    These lemon bars are almost too pretty to eat . . . almost. 

  • Berry Cobbler

    Cobblers can incorporate all different types of fruit, and this huckleberry recipe combines berries and lime zest before being topped with fluffy biscuits—the perfect sweet and savory combination.

  • Brownies

    It's always a good idea to have a brownie recipe in your repertoire, and these ultimate fudgy brownies will blow your mind.

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