Matthew Spina

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Los Angeles, CA
University Of Pittsburgh, Loyola University Chicago
Home Cooking, Baking, Food Culture
  • An experienced digital media writer, when he's not behind a keyboard Matt can be found obsessively hunting down the best street food or at the farmer's market grabbing the freshest fruit for his latest baking challenge.
  • A passionate home cook and baker for over 15 years, Matt believes strongly in the power of good food to bring people together and support a healthy and happy life.
  • In addition to his experience in the kitchen, Matt has studied and written about the larger-scale impacts of food on culture, the environment, sustainability, and history.


A longtime writer and editor Matt's work has spent nearly a decade working in digital media. He spent seven years writing comedy and satire for The Onion and has done food writing for Thrillist. His work has often centered on the politics and culture of food in the United States, with a focus on the impact of fast food, the historical origins of different dishes, and the importance of home cooking. Prior to his work in digital media, he worked as a kitchen assistant in a bakery.


Matt has a master's degree in history from Loyola University Chicago and attended University of Pittsburgh as an undergraduate. He studied the social and cultural development of the early United States, including the impacts of immigration, cultural exchange, and geography on the nation's cuisine.
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